Three Things Challenge, 28 Sept 2018


Today’s things are: crisps, chips, beans

In an attempt to cheer everyone up what with it being the end of term and her leaving, Miss Teresa threw a party for us.

She used the party to explain the difference between crisps and chips. It was a cultural thing she said. We were pretty disinterested especially when she told us she was going to teach across town at the bash and learn, St Terrible’s School for Girls with Attitude.

That’s when Dango stood up, and like a jumping bean announced he didn’t want her to leave and if she did he would be so super sad. He stood still a moment before jumping up and down on the spot before dissolving into tears. It was the first time Dango had ever shown any emotion in the class, and we were all left speechless including Miss Teresa.

Tomorrow would be our last day of term, and we were encouraged to wear play clothes as we’d be outside playing sport after we met our new teacher. As we left the classroom that afternoon, Miss Teresa handed us all a small packet of jelly beans.


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