Brett Kavanaugh and Bro Culture: Let’s Look in the Mirror

An excellent reflection on the current political situation in the US and around the world.

Watching the Wheels

Sept. 28, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and I are basically the same age. He’s almost a full year younger than me and a lot more bourgeoise. But the summer of 1982, we were probably pretty similar characters. He was hanging out at the country club in Deleware, and I was hanging out in punk rock bars in London. He was drinking a lot of beer and I was trying to be vegan. But we were both teenage boys surrounded by Rocky images of masculinity and the patriarchal notion that God or the gods put all the world’s women on Earth for us to enjoy.


The difference is that I never tried to rip the clothes off of 15-year-old girls. My warped perception of male entitlement only went as far as envying the shower scene in Porky’s. I was sexually shy that summer, but he seemed to have an action…

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11 Responses to Brett Kavanaugh and Bro Culture: Let’s Look in the Mirror

  1. Being the mother of 3 sons, sister to 3 brothers, I’m horrified by a world where a mere allegation can publically convict them via the media. There is still at this moment no substantiated proof. Contrary to liberal belief, in this country, you are innocent until procen guilty. The burden of proof is on the accuser not the burden to prove innocence. The astonishing statements that women must be believed? Because….we have vaginas? No jilted woman has ever lied and accused a boy rape? Mo woman being divorced ever accused the leaving husband of abuse or worse abuse of thier kids to keep him from them? No accusations hurled for political or monetart gain?
    We know that’s untrue.
    I’m a woman therefore a valid voice in the discussion concerning me. Gender alone doesn’t imply nor prove truth period. Being a so called “me too” woman, Facts and proof still apply. Furthermore, if you dont come forward and allow an abuser to continue abusing others….what does that say about the one who allowed it to happen?
    I’m sorry but theres not enough (in fact no, proof) for me to conclude guilt.

  2. Paula Light says:

    I agree that we shouldn’t rush to believe every woman “just because” in a divorce or breakup situation, but this Kavanaugh confirmation hearing is not that. It’s not a trial, and it’s not about custody of kids. It’s about him getting a job promotion or not. It won’t “ruin his life” if it doesn’t happen ~ Merrick Garland didn’t get the promotion and his life wasn’t ruined. In any case, Dr. Ford isn’t getting even over a breakup ~ she’s coming forward after decades with nothing to gain from speaking up. Nothing. She is simply telling the truth because it’s important. And that’s why I believe her.

  3. pvcann says:

    There is a culture, and that culture is an objectified sexual culture where men can portray women as weak, false witnesses, asking for it, where the male state controls women’s bodies, where the marriage act in many countries is still biased, where men seek control of women, and use them, it is plain to see, but for many it is too subtly wrapped up in ego, politics, the heroism of political control (where women play up to the sporty muscleman leader – Sarah Palin perhaps), the male talk which some women have swallowed, and in some countries, a sick distortion of religion. I am gobsmacked that a great nation has permitted this man to proceed.

  4. Read the article, Michael. It’s an excellent post on this current crisis we’re in. Thank you for posting it on here for us.
    Isadora 😎

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