Three Things Challenge, 29 Sept 2018


Today’s things are: cheese, locker, sports uniform

Mum insisted I wear my sports uniform to school as she said it was already a bit grubby and what difference would a day outside make to it anyway.

I stashed my lunch and spare undies, (mum always insisted on me having spare undies, just in case) in my locker and went out to see what play was on offer.

The boys were playing a game of ‘Red Rover Cross Over’, and I was happy to join in. Miss Teresa was there running back and forth like one of us kids.

When we were exhausted from this game she called us to have a break and brought out a bag of chopped cheese for us to munch on along with a huge bottle of orange juice we all happily shared.

Our play day was the best fun we had and I didn’t need my spare undies.


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