Three Things Challenge, 10 Sept 2018


Today’s things are: doctor, eye shadow, faith

I never thought of Mis Teresa as a woman of faith as she wasn’t one for starting the day with any sort of prayer, and she didn’t encourage us to attend Mass on the weekends even when the Mother Superior made announcements on the assembly encouraging us to go each Sunday, or we’d most likely burn in hell.

Miss Teresa was more your woman of the world, and for whom her idea of spirituality was to do more with the eye shadow she wore which we boys always said accentuated her beautiful eyes and kept us under control.

One day when she was under pressure from Dango who had been his usual mischievous self, she told us that when she left school, she could have studied to be a doctor. She wished at that moment she had for then she’d have been able to put Dango out of his and everyone else’s misery.


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