Photo Challenge #229 – Resilience


Image: – Annija Veldre

She faced everything thrown at her

The abuse of ‘loved ones’

The trauma of suffering

The moments of despair.

Slowly they wore her down

The fight in her whittled away

She succumbed, retreated

Faded from the public eye.

Still, she faced her fears

Learned to stand up for herself

Defended her right to exist

Stuck to her story

In the face of all adversity.

Nothing was going to tear her down

She was not going away

Putting pen to paper

The next chapter of her life

Took shape, through her pain

Her tears awakened so many

Gave hope to others

Her resilience, her strength

Recognized as a model for those following her.




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4 Responses to Photo Challenge #229 – Resilience

  1. syncwithdeep says:

    Oh michael.. This is awesome.. How well u wrote on a ‘she’ thoughts..

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