Wordle #205 – The Potato


This week’s words: Potatoes Scrimshank ((v.) to avoid one’s obligations/duties; to shirk) Malign Review Operation Larder Cellmate Mail Torporific (n.)) causing lethargy) Negligible Panting Martyr

The potatoes were a much-maligned vegetable in the pantry of life. They were often consigned to the dungeon of the larder and kept close company with the likewise maligned cellmate the onion.

Despite their popularity in the kitchen, where they frequently graced the chopping board it was true to say that they were often the centre of most culinary operations. Everyone liked a good potato no matter how it was served to them.

It could never be argued the potato scrimshanked its role in life. Ever willing to be peeled, chopped and or diced and in many cases a willing participant an act of martyrdom allowing themselves in the form of a well-cut chip to be deep fried and turned into crispy, succulent treats.

The mail on the potato is always favourable except for those odd souls who dislike them. On review, you could say they are a universal vegetable enjoyed by one and all.

A starchy substance that goes with anything and is never the cause of torporify for if it did it would be cast panting into the abyss of vegetables like the brussel sprout.

It is pleasing to think the humble potato goes through its exceptional life with negligible derogative comment.

All this said and done I shall now settle down to a meal of potato mashed with mayo and lemon pepper.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/07/30/wordle-205/

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9 Responses to Wordle #205 – The Potato

  1. Q) Why was the potato afraid to go to the Halloween dance party?
    A: He heard that they would be dong the Monster Mash.

  2. Lyn says:

    Never tried potato mashed with mayo and lemon pepper. Had it with aioli, or milk and butter, or diced onion or chive and onion cottage cheese. I guess there are a myriad ways of having mash. The ultimate comfort food 😀

  3. What a fine tribute Michael =)

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