Three Things Challenge, 30 July 2018


Today’s things are: buzz, July, load

Today marked the start of week two of our school term. July was passing into August, and in front of us Miss Teresa had a look that said: “OMG, another eight weeks with this lot.”

It must have been quite a load for her to carry as she took in the normal buzz of kids discussing everything but the lesson she was trying to teach.

Our class was supposed to be the gifted and talented class though I am sure she questioned the manner in which the class was selected. We had our share of precocious kids, you know the sort, the one’s who’d read To Kill a Mockingbird and claimed to understand it. Then there was Lucky Phil loaded up with useless knowledge and ever willing to part with it to any listening ear.

Though Miss Teresa tried hard, we wondered why she’d become a teacher when her contribution to the end of year play was to have us enact a swarm of bees which required us to swarm across the stage buzzing as if our lives depended on it. She stood proud of us while we shrunk from embarrassment.


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7 Responses to Three Things Challenge, 30 July 2018

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    Now if my kid had been on that stage, all it would take is one buzz to see his “scared rabbit stance” as he calls it…he hates anything that buzzes…lol

    • Michael says:

      I’m sure Miss Teresa would have taken that into consideration, though I see her more the ‘suck it up buttercup’ type…..that observation taken from my experience as a child at the school I attended….I had terrible teachers….

      • The Haunted Wordsmith says:

        I once had a teacher slap a student for doing a “bee dance” because they were scared. Another one ran out of the classroom because the class snake got out…lol

      • Michael says:

        I think you might have been in my class….one day a teacher, an old nun with no patience, was so exasperated with one boy in the class she slammed his head into a light switch breaking the switch. Neither of them ever saw the light you might say.

      • The Haunted Wordsmith says:


  2. Lyn says:

    Probably the only way she could get even with the kids for their incessant “buzzing” in class through the year. We had one teacher who was not averse to whacking kids over the head with their wooden pencil case. Do you remember them, Michael? Two tiered with a slide off lid? 😀

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