End of Summer*


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It finally arrives,

For some the disappointment of the looming winter

For others relief

The stinking hot days are over

Replaced by the enticing prospect of cooler nights.

We gather up summer

Pack it away at the back of the cupboard

Check the sunscreen determining

If there’s another summer to be squeezed from it.

Beach towels washed one last time

Folded and packed away,

Promises made to lose that extra kilo

But quickly forgotten among plans

Of buying new for next summer.

Mental notes ascribing a change of venue

Reminders of who not to invite.

Next year’s summer holiday

Full of expectation and anticipation

Wondering if the girl in the floral top

Might be there in her oversized sun hat.

  • I saw a blog offering a poetry comp where you had to write a poem about the end of summer. As I don’t like such comps where prizes and points are on offer I wrote this poem and then thought I’d post here.
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9 Responses to End of Summer*

  1. Billy Mac says:

    aaah, I have a summer that was defined by a girl. This was really a great read

  2. Lyn says:

    Summer holidays were always spent with my Aunt and Nana. No other kids lived in the three storey block of 10 flats, but there were narrow, dark back stairs that led to a coal cellar where my imagination ran wild as I fought pirates or bushrangers and searched for The Ghost Who Walks

  3. rugby843 says:

    I like it, and it’s all very true!

  4. Like your poem Michael.

  5. mandibelle16 says:

    Love this poem. The imagery and visuals of it are very strong as you describe putting all these summer elements away. We have at least a month left here, so no getting ahead of ourselves.

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