FOWC With Fandango – Simple



A simple solution to the problem was a bandaid. It covered up the indiscretion, and if you didn’t know, it didn’t matter. 

Life was like that. The boy who made mistakes found simple solutions were the best, they allowed him time, allowed him the chance to pretend what he did wasn’t noticed and that it wouldn’t matter as no one would know anyway. 

Trouble was he found himself repeating the same thing, there was a lot to be said for his dad’s saying, “Same shit different day.” 

It took him years to face up to what he was about. It was his second year in prison when it happened and gave him cause to reflect on who he was. He knew he was going nowhere, simple, convenient solutions were nothing more than temporary fixes, and if he used that argument throughout life, he would spend more time in a small cell. 

That was the day he decided his simple reasoning had to be a whole lot smarter. 



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2 Responses to FOWC With Fandango – Simple

  1. Fandango says:

    There’s a difference between simple versus complicated and simple versus smart or savvy.

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