Wordle #199 Cyril Rum’s Monet.


This week’s words: Vase  Wrought  Hill  Rust  Peer  Monet  Tart  Oblivescence (n)) the art of forgetting)  Overslept Epigrammatic (adj))

  1. of or like an epigram; terse and ingenious in expression.
  2. containing or favoring the use of epigrams. Tenon (v)) to join securely) – there are more definitions, but this was the least technical Tangle

Cyril Rum, Angel of Heaven and on sabbatical, never realized the beauty that lay in earthly art. He developed a great liking for the works of Claude Monet. His neighbour and human guide, Mildred Thrupp had recently taken him the art gallery where an exhibition of Monet’s works was on display. Excited at the prospect of experiencing another earthly delight he was careful not to oversleep so set an early alarm.

Cyril had spent hours peering into the works in some cases trying to make heads and tails of them as Mildred explained to him the impressionist nature of the works.

It was over a caramel tart that Mildred was able to complete her explanation and convince Cyril that it would be a good idea if he liked the Monet so much to buy a copy to take home. There were so many, but in the end, he chose the “Sunflowers” because he liked the colour and the vase the flowers stood in. To Cyril, there was something very epigrammatic with each painting, and he admired Monet’s skill.

In heaven, oblivescence was practised as a means to focus each soul on the eternity they now found themselves in. Art played no place in things eternal though he did note the downstairs department of eternity did allow such frivolity. Through this experience, he did lament the lack of art in his upstairs department.

As they walked home with Cyril clutching his Monet print under his art, he had cause to ask Mildred if she knew a good method for cleaning the rust of his wrought iron railings outside his back door. Rust was a phenomenon he had not encountered and would never be tolerated in Heaven.

As they walked the last little bit home and came down the hill towards their houses Mildred announced she had just the stuff to use to get rid of the rust and not to get himself in too much of a tangle over it.

She was over soon after and sprayed the railings to prevent them rusting any further. Ever grateful Cyril invited Mildred to stay for afternoon tea as he had brought home a couple of extra caramel tarts. Mildred Thrupp was never one to say no.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2018/06/04/wordle-199/

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18 Responses to Wordle #199 Cyril Rum’s Monet.

  1. Rust would never be tolerated in heaven they always depict heaven’s gates as pristine don’t they? I think art is absolutely necessary in life, creative expression is a gift

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Love this little tale, very educational too. Sadly I have not met an angel on sabbatical, though I would dearly love to…. But I have met quite a few of Cyril’s downstairs department’s colleagues 😱💜

  3. I would probably not turn down caramel tarts either.

  4. James Pyles says:

    Good to see Cyril and Mildred again.

  5. Darlene says:

    A great story featuring Monet. Cyril did choose a good print.

  6. mhmp77 says:


    Beautiful story incorporating all the given words, Michael. Hopefully they would continue surveying the art scene!


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