Envy: Mary Dowd Part 6


Image: Envy © by Iza-nagi

Mary enjoyed being married. Her mother had told her about the expectations a young bride should bring to a marriage.

Always have the housework completed before your husband comes home and always look your best for him. Have dinner ready and be accommodating. Mary wasn’t sure what accommodating meant but she learned quickly.

She made it her goal to have everything ready, she’d change her day clothes into something clean and tidy and make sure her hair was brushed and tied up.

The sound of his work truck pulling into the drive always set her heart a flutter. Even though Ray might be covered in mud from digging drains she loved the sound of his boots on the veranda and the sound of him dragging them off and dumping them on the floorboards.

She always greeted him with a smile and cheery hello, as her mother had said making your man feel welcomed home was important in letting him know you were happy to see him.

In the first few weeks of their marriage Ray was more than happy to be home.

They would embrace and kiss as young lovers with Ray running his hands over her body, lifting her skirt and all the while Mary could feel his excitement. Ray would lift Mary onto the kitchen table pull off her underwear and have his way with her.

For Mary his aggression and desire was the most stimulating experience she could imagine. She wasn’t all that satisfied by the sex more so Ray’s desire and manner. He was rough, uncompromising and she loved every minute of it, as she believed it showed how much he desired her.

Once finished he would go off to the bathroom, shower and reappear in his pyjamas, Ray she discovered loved to dress in is night attire before dinner.

Mary would straighten her clothes never sure what she was supposed to do or say as Ray disappeared into the bathroom.

For Mary the sex wasn’t what she expected it to be. She knew very little about the workings of her own body, her knowledge of sex was, that it was something men and women did. Ray seemed to enjoy it but it left her wondering if what they did was all there was to it.

With Ray now showering, Mary retired to the kitchen to finalise her preparation for their dinner.

If you wish to read the earlier parts of this story, look on my blog page, there is a page heading ENVY and all the previous parts can be found there.


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