FOWC With Fandango — Primitive


We parted the bush to discover much to our amazement a small tribe of naked indigenous people playing what appeared at first hand to be poker.

They scarcely noticed us as we came towards them. Their language was a series of guttural sounds as if a lot of clearing of the throat was necessary when explaining a point of order during their game.

We stood and watched as around them women dragged in a beast and began prepared it for the evening meal.

They like the men chatted in the same guttural language, and some turned and looked at us as if we were the odd ones out.

There was a great cheer from the assembled men as one player clearly made a successful move. Suddenly though the man who appeared to be the winner was attacked by the other men, knives drawn and there was little hope for the attacked one. Within seconds he was gutted head to toe, his carcass thrown on the fire.

It was clear from that moment the game they were playing was more life and death than poker.

They invited us for dinner which we did all the while worrying that they might initiate another game and have us participate.

The primitive men and women sang and danced into the night, urged us to join in whereupon the loss of inhibition from several of our group did lead to a few confrontations later when two of our party wanted to pay for the women they had befriended.

There was a standoff, and we all breathed a sigh of relief when we were told to gather our belongings and leave the tribe.

We travelled late into the night, always looking back in case the tribesmen came after us and treated us to our own version of primitive justice.



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6 Responses to FOWC With Fandango — Primitive

  1. Jack Straw, “We used to play for silver
    Now we play for life
    One’s for sport and one’s for blood
    At the point of a knife”

    • Michael says:

      Yes a bit like that Jim.

      • I am sorry that I was so cryptic, as that is from a Grateful Dead song, but I felt it was appropriate for your post.

      • Michael says:

        Did you ever hear the story about Jerry Garcia going the heaven and God asked him how eternity was going. Jerry replies, well my halo is crooked, the clothes you gave me are too tight and my harp is forever out of tune. To which God replies: Talk about the grateful dead!

  2. Fandango says:

    That’s one poker game I wouldn’t want to join. Talk about going “all-in.”

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