Thursday photo prompt: Valley #writephoto – Delusion


“You love me don’t you?” she asked as we sat outside our tent sipping on the freshly brewed coffee she’d expertly made.

“Of course,” I replied, “for an older woman you are a bit of alright.”

“I’ve decided to change all that,” she announced, “from now on I’m only going to celebrate my birthday every four years.”

“Isn’t that simply denying the obvious?”

“No, not at all. I’m doing it because I can. So please don’t say anything about my birthday for the next four years. By then I will be fifty-two.”

“But you’re fifty one now.”

“Yes exactly. You see my point. Every four years of time I will register one more chronological year. You’ll age as per normal, I’ll love you till your dying day, and when you die, I’ll bury you and move on.”

“That’s all a bit calculating isn’t it?”

“It’s the only way I can possibly cope with aging and the passing of time. If it’s necessary, you can humour me and go along with me.”

“When did you think of this?”

“Oh just now. I was looking down the valley and thinking in the morning mist it looks just divine. So I thought of a way I could enjoy it a little longer. I figure I have a good thirty years left in me, but if I stretch them out by taking each year in four-year increments, I can be around a long time. Smart eh?”

“You’re delusional.”

“Huh, you just jealous.”

“Any more coffee?”


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29 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Valley #writephoto – Delusion

  1. Ha ha ha, she’s a smart one. A friend of mine had similarly decided that after 30, you start aging backwards, so when he turned 31, he celebrated his 29th birthday, and so on 🙂

  2. Lyn says:

    That’s so funny. Now if she’d been born on February, 29th, she’d be all set and wouldn’t have to do it 😀

  3. This makes perfect sense to me. I have a son with whom I share a birthday. Though a few decades apart. So, of course, after his birth my own birthday became something of a non-event. Any celebrations were about HIS big day. Eventually we agreed that I would not have a birthday until he caught up. After which we would take it in turns. As a result we are both in only our mid thirties. He does seem to be weathering time a little better than me, though.

  4. James says:

    Is there something in that coffee besides coffee?

  5. Iain Kelly says:

    If only we could all age at the pace that suits us. Amusing story, well told Michael.

  6. willowdot21 says:

    How do you think up these great stories 💜💜

  7. C M Smile says:

    Make perfect sense to me! Great story!

  8. Anne Copeland says:

    This was a wonderful piece on aging, something we all come to ultimately. I am addressing it in my own life on several levels. The first one is that this year, come November 22, I will be moving into 77. Now the interesting thing is that I can say that number, but in terms of how I feel in my mind, I am ageless. My body may say differently; its road-maps from my many journeys thru life show how far I have come, but I can still bend down and touch the floor with my hands flat, squat and come up with no problem, and bend backwards. And my significant other is 16 years younger than me, but in so many ways, if there is such a thing, older in thinking about life in general. I never connected with age on a personal level; I listened to what others would say about a particular age, and sometimes it fit some aspect of me, and most of the time it did not. I am somewhere lost in the days and hours and moments of experiences I have witnessed.
    But age is an issue that most folks deal with at some point in their lives. Men suddenly realize they are no longer the virile and perhaps handsome ones they once identified with, and women begin to worry about parts of their bodies that no longer conform to the feelings they once had. So the topic is an excellent one, and I love the way you handled it so thoughtfully. Thank you for sharing and opening up some good comments related to this universal topic! Good job!!!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks so much Anne, you reminded me of my dad who in his 80s would often remark that in his head he was still 30 but his body wouldn’t behave that way. I think when we think young we stay young, even if our bodies can’t keep up.

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