Weekend Writing Prompt #12 – Indecision


This week’s challenge: Write a story in no more than 300 words that begins at a crossroads.

I arrived at the crossroads some twenty minutes earlier than expected. I wanted to be early. I wanted time to think before he arrived and I had to commit.

There was a seat on the northern side where the bus stop was. I sat there observing the movement around the crossroads.

Cars from the north would pull up, wait at the stop sign before moving off east, west or south. I wondered if they arrived at the stop sign unsure of where they would go next.

Were they tempted to make a detour?

Were they tempted to turn around and go back from where they came?

I was in that place. I knew I was.

He’d made it clear to me that today was the day to make decisions. He wasn’t going to be pussyfooting around me any longer. He wanted me to move in with him that way cutting down the time we spent going between each other’s houses.

The reality was we got along fine. I liked him but I wasn’t sure if I loved him. Maybe it was the old tapes playing inside my head of previous times when making a commitment such as this went pear shaped within days of me moving in.

I didn’t want to be stuck again.

There was something about his persistence that irritated me. He was crowding me and I knew it.

My own place was just as I wished it to be.

In the distance I could see the homeward bound bus approaching. It would take but a minute to cross the road and be on it.

I wondered what he made of me not being there when he arrived.


Written for: https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2017/07/22/weekend-writing-12-indecision

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30 Responses to Weekend Writing Prompt #12 – Indecision

  1. Ha. I think you’re stealing stories from my life’s emotions 😉

    • Michael says:

      I will admit you did come to mind but then again so did my own story of such situations…

      • It might be safe to say a lot of people experience a similar situation.

      • Michael says:

        Sadly so. Hope you are doing ok 😀

      • Thank you. If it’s one thing anyone can count on, I’m a survivor. I’ll pick a direction… One of these here roads… eventually.

      • Michael says:

        It’s ok to stand at a crossroads a while before deciding. Size up all your options

      • I needed someone to say that

      • Michael says:

        My pleasure…rushed decisions we so often regret..

      • I can think up 3 regrets in life. I don’t think they count as rushed decisions though

      • Michael says:

        Trouble is so often we think we know what we are letting ourselves in for….as they say you don’t know someone until you live with them. The other day my youngest son, who lives with me, remarked that I had a behaviour that was really pissing him off. It was news to me, but I recognised it as the result of living with someone for a long period of time. So even with family it can happen. I did have a laugh about it as he has no choice at present than to live with me….

      • After being on your own a bit, it’s hard to move back in with a parent! I did it when I was in grad school. While there are things I hate about spending too much time withth my mom, it changed our relationship. Made us closer. I think I’ve lived alone too many years nowd. I’m set in my ways. I wonder if there is anyone I’d give that up for.

      • Michael says:

        Its a good question isn’t it..but when the right person comes along, you’ll know, you will both invite each other into your respective worlds.

  2. PS – you posted this twice. I thought maybe since it was titled “Crossroads,” there’d be 2 different endings. But they appear to be the same story.

    • Michael says:

      Thanks for pointing that out, no idea how that happened…but it has been corrected..

      • Sometimes websites are weird. But I figured I’d let you know

      • Michael says:

        Thanks hope you are having a good week

      • Thanks. I’ve got a bit of a strained muscle that’s causing some issues with dance prep. But otherwise great. How are you

      • Michael says:

        Yes strained muscles would make dance difficult.
        Me? You should never ask an older person how they are….we could go on for hours, but apart from a sore throat that refuses to go away this past two weeks I am doing ok. Today an article was published on a site I write for, my thoughts on Education in Australia…
        I know our systems are very different but thought you might to have a look….its only my opinion mind you and its generated a few comments on the sites FB page…

      • It won’t let me post a reply for some weird reason. So here are my thoughts, ” Sounds like you guys experience similar problems to ours. There are lots of projects that can be done in math (I add as many as I can). The problem is that if students don’t have the fundamental basics, then they can’t apply those skills to a project in higher level learning. Of course I believe that all comes back to the way math is treated and taught at the lower levels. No Boaler wrote a book called “Mathematical Mindsets.” I believe every teacher should be required to take a class that uses her book as a text book. Mathematics education would change.”

      • Michael says:

        Well firstly I suspect you can’t post a comment on the site as you aren’t ‘old’ enough…lol…thanks so much for your thoughts (do you have a name? I’m Michael) I think what you say is so true….in every subject area things could improve and so often its the person delivering the lesson who influences how a child takes it in or understands what is being taught….no one who has been a teacher would ever say it is easy but the fundamental issue was always for me the relationship I was able to forge with my students. If you and your class connected there was no telling how far they could go in whatever subject you taught them. Thankfully for my students I didn’t teach them Maths but I was a drama teacher with a passion for my subject and I’d like to think my students reached heights they would not have previously thought possible for themselves.

      • Well I tried to reply and my phone did something weird… So if you get 2 replies, sorry. I was trying to say you nailed it because teachers don’t necessarily see their results. I may help a student reach a level s/he never thought possible but never know that because the student doesn’t tell me. I may have had a student 10 years ago who looks back now and says, “she was an awesome teacher.” But I’ll never know that. All I get is the political b.s. and bureaucratic riff-raff for encouragement to continue teaching my classes that I am provided 0 resources for. I don’t even get a text book. Not even 1. Burn out? Heck yeah! I have to write the curriculum and design each lesson with rigor. PS – even though I teach math, I’m in the visual arts community. I have a strong belief in all traditional and performing arts. And even though I doubt I’d ever ne a good actor, I appreciate drama as a necessary school subject. Yes, I do have a name. I don’t associate it with this account because nobody I’ve ever met in real life had access to it. In fact, I used a lesser known nickname to sign up. I believe it helps me write more freely and honestly. Is there private messaging in WordPress? I’d share it that way.

      • Michael says:

        Thanks I could reply more so but I have to go collect my grandson from school, Thursday afternoon I look after him till his mum comes home.
        If you go to your comments on WP you can find my email address as I can find yours and use that as that is the only private thing I know on WP.

      • That’s more knowledge than I had yesterday. Didn’t know how to look up email addresses.

      • Michael says:

        When I retired my students gave me a video they had secretly made during the course of the year. It was a beautiful tribute and very humbling. I had to tell myself when all this happened that I didn’t know I was so good…lol
        As for names, if it’s a security thing that’s fine, I will respect that as I understand there is sometimes a need to be that way.

  3. scribblersdip says:

    Wonderful story – and great ending – and I’ve been reading through the comment thread – and yes, sometimes it really is about learning to know oneself – and honour and trust what is best for us. Great writing Michael – real build up of the tension and feelings of wonder and anxiety – I liked the ending very much. And the point of view “voice” was excellent. 🙂

  4. The twenty minutes that she arrived earlier made a difference to her life.
    the dilemma of the Vehicles stopping at the signpost is brought out well.

  5. Great story, with a great ending. I wonder if they would have come to the same decision if they had arrived on time rather than early, or even if they had turned up late? A very interesting read 🙂 Thanks for joining in with the Weekend Writing Prompt. Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

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