Saturday’s Mix–22 July 2017 – Mabel


Image: © morpethroad

The challenge today is to write a story or poem using the point of view of an animal. 

My name is Mabel and I’m a black Angus grazing in the back paddock for Farmer Mudd.

It’s a good life, I eat, I chew, I eat, I chew.

Every so often Leo the bull comes sniffing around. He seems to know when my hormones are acting up and if I’m not careful he’s jumped me and I’m pregnant once again.

If I object he reminds me of my purpose, to produce little versions of him. If I don’t he says I’ll end up in the truck and the truck is where you don’t want to go. Its death he says, the humans cut you up and that’s the end of you.

If I want to stay with the herd, enjoy the pastures and enjoy Leo, though there’s not a lot to enjoy about the great lump, I’ll comply.

After all it is a good life. Producing a little one is a joy once you get over the discomfort of it arrival. It all happens doesn’t it, once it starts there it is. Leo couldn’t give a rat’s arse to be honest, in his mind he’s done his bit it up to me to feed and care for the new one.

And new ones are a handful. From the word go they want, want, want. My milk starts running and so do they. It’s all go, go, go, and so exhausting.

Today we are in the lucerne patch, the grass is rich, the pasture expansive, it’s going to be a good day I just have to keep an eye on the little one as he has a tendency to get a bit too close to the zapping fence. He’s been bitten twice, I hope he learns soon.

I’m going to stop for a while now, chew my cud and ponder the meaning of life.


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9 Responses to Saturday’s Mix–22 July 2017 – Mabel

  1. I did my entry before reading your Michael. Same choice of animal but from a different perspective! Definitely don’t want to get in the truck!!

  2. willowdot21 says:

    This is really a good perspective. It’s a hard life and it makes me guilty!

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