First Line Friday -July 21st 2017 – The Hunger


This week’s first line:

Below the city’s cobblestones, it shifted, restless and hungry.

It had been a while, and it hated having to hide away from the public glare.

The last time it had not ended well. There was little to no understanding of its kind in the lit world. Best to avoid when it could the temptations of the world where hunger was not an issue with so much and so many to choose from.

In the world of darkness and shadow, the fare was monotonous, the dirty stinking rats that infested the sewers it grew tired of quickly. It hungered for more tasty morsels.

The best method it had devised was to wait for darkness to swallow the land above. There were drainage points, sewer outlets that it could crawl into and if it timed its raid right dinner could be served on time.

Not that it knew time apart from the rumblings in its stomach.

Tonight, was one of those nights. Dinner awaited. It crawled into a likely space. Above, it could hear, then see the legs of the passing crowds.

The ones with no leg coverings were the best to snare. The less unwrapping, the better.

It was a matter of wait and see. As the darkness grew, less people were about. The more its chances rose.

It slid back the covering just enough to allow a tentacle to protrude. That’s all it took.

As the woman walked towards it, its tentacle rose an inch below the opening. As she stepped closer, it shot out, grabbed her, withdrew, it was all over in seconds.

His dinner was dead before she entered the underground. Her head snapped against the opening in the road. The covering back in place, life went on as normal.

Below the cobblestones it feasted, left nothing to be found save a shoe cast off in the snatching. This would sate it until the next hunger rumbled within it.



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33 Responses to First Line Friday -July 21st 2017 – The Hunger

    • Michael says:

      Good, I feel the compliment thru the cobblestones of my heart…lol….hope you are doing well today dear ex-teacher…

      • HAHA!! WIsh I Was an ex-teacher. If I don’t have a new job by August 7… then I’ll be a teacher, yet again. But I’m not giving up looking and I’m not giving up hope. There WILL be a new career opportunity.

      • Michael says:

        That’s the way be positive..something will turn up even if sadly it is another room full of educational challenges.

      • At this point I’m ready to take on educational challenges with adults in the corporate world. They sound possible to tackle and easier to deal with. It’s different when you’re required to complete training to keep your job and earn a paycheck

  1. Eek!! I’m wearing long trousers and concrete boots from now on. If I go down I’ll make sure I clobber it on the way lol

  2. Martin Cororan says:

    …but he hungry, and he didn’t waste any so he’s not ALL bad!

  3. weejars says:

    Wow, super creepy!

  4. scribblersdip says:

    well done – and shiver me timbers – glad that I don’t live in the city any more – but the wild country side holds other dark secrets 😉

  5. Rose says:

    The less dressing (i.e.) garments the better… Love this and of course the tentacles 🙂 Good show!

  6. Sandi says:

    Ok, so stay away from cobblestones and drainage/sewer points. Got it.

  7. Creepy Michael, very creepy.

  8. MC Clark says:

    Summer or no summer it may be best to trade my shorts for long pants. I have one of those sewer openings in the street in front of my house. Eeek!! 😁

  9. Raivenne says:

    Delightfully creepy. Now I’m going to be side-eyeing every sewer grate I see regardless of leg covering.

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