Sunday Writing Prompt: Fly like a Falcon


You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you have never had the courage to commit. Oscar Wilde.

She looked at him with an air of disdain and reminded him of what she represented. Everything he wasn’t.

They’d been in a relationship, and it was to a point where he knew it was at an end. She had made that clear. He irritated her, he had ceased to be any fun.

He no longer made her feel they were soaring like eagles but rather were stuck in the mud, stranded in life like a bunch of turkeys.

He felt her dislike of him, he knew at every opportunity she would decry him for what he had become.

Dull. Boring. A burden on her every day.

Where once he had thrilled her, made her gasp with his insights and his attention to her now there was nothing but a bland bad taste in her mouth when she thought of another day with him.

She wanted adventure, excitement and he failed to deliver. He was content to sit in front of the television most nights, watch whatever inanity was being screened and go to bed.

For some months they hadn’t touched one another, they avoided such potential moments, she’d stopped coming into the shower when he was there to scrub his back and chat with him about her day.

He didn’t seem interested she thought, she wondered when it was that she had become so boring to him.

Outside of home, she partook in action activities. Long and difficult weekend hikes through treacherous terrains while he tended to the back garden. She came home full of energy despite the nagging soreness of the hiking eager to share with him only to find he was asleep on the lounge or disinterested in anything she said.

So, desperate did she become she engaged a lover, bought him home one evening to see if he had any spark left inside.

She tried to encourage him to join in, a threesome might be fun she said, but he closed his eyes to her and left the room.

His behaviour added fuel to an already dying fire.

She took her lover to her bed, made sure he heard the enjoyment she had, packed her bags so that by morning all that remained was an unmade bed.

He took her photo and held it to his chest, she was a part of what made his heart beat, he regretted being such a disappointment.


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16 Responses to Sunday Writing Prompt: Fly like a Falcon

  1. What a wonderfully taut story. Loved it.

  2. Martin Cororan says:

    Distraught writing indeed – He needs to regroup and get back in the game….

  3. So sad Michael. I hope he finds someone else who loves him for the person he is and brings him out of himself again. We all change, but the key is changing together and toards each other I suppose.

  4. scribblersdip says:

    Excellent comment by Neel – taut indeed.
    Interesting interpretation of the Sunday writing prompt – quite the little weird set up I offered this week, but you rose to the situation very well indeed. 🙂

    Simple clear and precise – with just enough of a twist – which was his “dismissal” or disinterest of even knowing she had someone else in her bed – all ears on deck and all that – and still, couldn’t rally himself at all. Perhaps, sometimes, it is for the best. Lovely capture of the loss and disillusionment in the ending Michael – thanks for playing the Sunday Writing prompt 🙂

  5. So heartbreaking. But I suppose the end of relationship always is.

    • Michael says:

      I think so, there’s no other way of looking at it, though I recall when I went to court to secure my divorce there were three women sitting near me one was obviously going thru the same process as me, but the substance of their conversation was the celebration they were having after the divorce was granted. For me all I thought of was what a waste the past fifteen years had been. I was married for 23, so some of it was ok.

  6. maria says:

    Oh wow, Michael. A story very well told which left an aching sigh…

  7. mandibelle16 says:

    Quite honestly it sounds like communication and talking to each other, despite the awkwardness, was needed. They both could’ve had there say. Sometimes people need reminders, forget they are not making an effort. Compassion on her part would’ve been wiser. Great write Michael.

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