Manic Monday #3 Challenge – Kicks


This week’s challenge is based on: Paul Revere and the Raiders “Kicks,” released in 1966 as a single.

When she asked him why he had done it his reply shocked her. “Just for kicks.”

She was immediately concerned because up until that moment she didn’t realise he was so bored. She thought she was the never-ending supply of entertainment and joy in his life.

What concerned her the most was his attack on the go-go dancer. After all, she was just doing what any self-respecting go-go dancer would be doing, go-going to her heart’s content. It may not have meant anything to anyone else, but to her, it was meaningful, energetic and to tell the truth she was getting her tits off on it all.

You could tell that by the look in her eye. The music was playing its beat upon her soul, and she was into it, every part of her was involved which may have been why her partner had taken the action he had. For him, there was obviously too much to concentrate on. So, he stepped in, slowed her down, suggested she do one thing or the other not everything.

Thankfully security stepped in before it got too ugly. The go-go dancer was a black belt in karate, and there’s no telling where her great love may have ended up. The ER was a real possibility.

He was led away, the go-go dancer resumed her go-going, and the universe was once again at peace with itself.

Except that is at her place where her chastened partner sat at the kitchen table sipping a coffee while she berated him about being socially responsible.

“No one got hurt,” he said, “it was all just for kicks.”


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3 Responses to Manic Monday #3 Challenge – Kicks

  1. Sandi says:


    she was the never-ending supply of entertainment and joy in his life – I know that I’m the “never-ending supply of entertainment and joy” in my husband’s life! 🙂

    But, if he asks me to ago-go – my hips would say ah-no-no. I can shimmy a bit and that’s about it. We are in Vegas right now, after all…may as well go crazy.

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