Tale Weaver No 128 – 13/7/17 – Making Sense of Nonsense – Banjoher


Today’s nonsense word is Banjoher.


In the back streets of the most disgusting and dirty town on the earth, the gang of four sat around a raging fire inside an old forty-four-gallon drum.

They needed to warm themselves before they went out on today’s job.   Knuckles Readon had planned a heist on the town bank. His offsiders, Lofty, Shorty and Meds were eager to begin. They loved the action that Knuckles organised.

In every case, so far, their plans had come to perfect fruition. The places they robbed were ones that had recently taken in large amounts of money.

It was such an easy steal.

Knuckles would walk in, announce the holdup and bang the banjoher on the front counter of the selected shop. The sound of it hitting the counter was deafening and garnered the attention they needed.

It was then a matter of the boys gathering up all the money they could find and taking off out the front door. Once they were safely away, Knuckles would hit the counter once again and announce to all the staff that they were never there.

Back at their hideout Knuckles and the boys would count their haul and divide it up among themselves.

Knuckles would always use one last time as they counted out and divided the money. Just as the amounts were totalled up he would bang it down upon the table they had the money piled on and tell the boys it was a success operation and they should be pleased with their ten per cent share.

The boys would gather they respective spoils and finger the stash of notes their small minds thinking of the drinking they would be doing that night.

After the boys had left to spend their less than earned money Knuckles would hold the banjoher remembering the words of the old woman who had given it to him.

“Use the banjoher wisely dear boy, if you don’t eventually it will start to haunt you. Keep it safety locked away for it has a memory and I’d hate to think you miss-used its power.”

Knuckles chuckled to himself as he locked the banjoher away. So far so good he thought. If he kept it out of sight and used it sparingly, he knew he’d be safe.

That night Knuckles was awakened by the strange sound of the banjoher crashing down on his bed.

Later that day Lofty, Shorty and Meds couldn’t believe what they saw. Knuckles was sitting on the floor, Monopoly board spread out inviting the boys to play with his money from the previous day.



Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/tale-weaver-no-128-13717-making-sense-of-nonsense-banjoher/


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4 Responses to Tale Weaver No 128 – 13/7/17 – Making Sense of Nonsense – Banjoher

  1. Lorraine says:

    Delicious twist — best to listen to old ladies who give you something too good to be true . . .

  2. scribblersdip says:

    LOL – what a twist indeed – and the little touch of Monopoly board and the stolen money – haahahaha – so sublime, it’s delicious.

    Interesting word Michael – I really like how you’ve helped to paint an image in my mind of this powerful thing, without it being precisely defined. Great tale 🙂

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