Writing Prompt Sunday, May 21st – Peculiar – A Trip to Celadon



pale green; pale green glazed pottery

It was Manzy’s idea to go out. It was a Sunday and she was feeling particularly green she said. I hated it when she went all green.

Nothing ever seemed right and all day she’d bitched about going to celadon as that was where she felt most comfortable.

It was an unpleasant journey, with a rough track and if you didn’t wear your green sunny’s the haze and the glare would result in you having the worst sort of green headache and if you’ve never had a green headache you can thank your lucky green starts because they are the worst. Throbbing and then aching, throbbing some more and aching especially when the green moss of the Café Celadon was served on green toast accompanied by a green tea that always tasted more black tea than green. But that’s the thing about green, you have to believe if it looks green it is.

Mansy said she wanted to go to the green glazed pottery workshop, she had this compulsion to see and feel green glazed pottery. There was something about the feel of green glazed pottery that set her off, settled and made her more romantic than she might ordinarily be.

So, after the arduous journey, we turned up at the green glazed pottery shop. By then, of course, she was all a green with expectation and who was I to take it from her. She positively glowed upon entry.

Upon one wall, there stood the most magnificent green glazed pots, a sea of green to the naked eye and she did for a second or two blend in such that I thought she had been consumed by the pots.

Wishful thinking on my part as she emerged clutching a small green glazed pot and held it up for me to see. For four hundred Celadon dollars, we could have it wrapped and carried home, in a gift box which as it turned out came with a particularly attractive green bow.

By mid-afternoon laden with our recent purchase, firmly in her grasp and all the poorer by four hundred green dollars we left Celadon and all its green. Mansy was now calm having taken well and truly her fill of the green that is Celadon.

She said she felt all green again as we journeyed the rough track back home. I looked across as we arrived in our driveway to see her eyes had returned to a natural green, her skin its smooth self with just a touch of green to match her hair which always after a trip to Celadon remained green and often iridescently so. This made sleeping for me a green glazed nightmare.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/05/21/writing-prompt-sunday-may-21st-peculiar/

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13 Responses to Writing Prompt Sunday, May 21st – Peculiar – A Trip to Celadon

  1. such a green world! Happy Sunday, Michael 🙂

  2. Oloriel says:

    I love the opening and the closing, and it was challenging trying to imagine all the scenery, both physical and emotional in green colour. Hope you had fun writing!

  3. Ohm, this may have others green with envy!
    I’m trying to imagine a green world as seen through green sunny’s and I’m not sure I’d like it.
    There’s a saying here, you’re not as green as you are grass looking, means you’re not as stupid as you look. That might be used a lot on Celadon lol

    • Michael says:

      Yes we have a similar expression: You aren’t as silly as you look…..I said it to a kid once in class and he threatened to go home and tell his dad…lol…I’m not sure his dad would have agreed with me…lol…the other thing was the subject was to write something peculiar and that was my aim…..is odd the same?

  4. scribblersdip says:

    I loved reading this – and the how you wandered off into the peculiar, while still keeping it in relation to something akin to a world where we could understand – and oh how you’ve delved into a whole new aspect of green, the hues and shades of Celadon …. absolutely wonderful reading -as usual, a delightful mind trip Michael 🙂

  5. MC Clark says:

    Hummm…green hair might me nice–the right shade of course. Maybe a soft sage green. 😁

  6. Lyn says:

    I wonder how they’d go if they met up with someone from the planet Arancione? Orange skin with green hair. Hmmm… they’d look a bit like a freshly picked carrot 🙂

    I like the sound of soft sage green hair as Cathy suggested. I like the look of that green glazed pot; it would look lovely with a candle light shining through it.

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