Saturday’s Mix–20 May 2017 – The Epic Simile


On one of my rare forays into a bar, I had met the woman who was to play such a role in my life.

She’d pursued me from the bar and our interaction for the rest of the evening had set up our relationship as something we both wanted to continue.

It was her eyes that attracted me so. They sparkled with life like you wanted to stare into them forever. Their focus convinced you that at that very moment you were the centre of all her attention. From them, a warmth radiated as she engaged with you in a chat that you wanted never to end. When you are wary, nervous and even plain tongue-tied her eyes like diamonds glinted with every passing phrase that came from her mouth and it was with her mouth that I found myself mesmerised by a smile that made me feel as like a child in a lolly shop.

When you added eyes and mouth to the equation you began to feel like an insect attracted to light. Only there was no danger, just an exhilaration you felt inside as you became aware you were forgoing all previous thoughts of distance as the closer you could be the better you felt.

When we’d parted I felt elated. It was like I’d stepped into a realm I never knew was there for me. The pit of my stomach churned but in a good way, like the way, I thought more about her and our evening my stomach reminded me of how I felt about her.

I couldn’t wait for the next day when we’d meet again. I knew I was in for a sleepless night for I felt as if on edge, my life had taken a turn for the better and there was so much to look forward to.

I was hoping she was feeling the same.


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14 Responses to Saturday’s Mix–20 May 2017 – The Epic Simile

  1. Lyn says:

    Oh goody, you’re still dating. That’s good…very good 😀

  2. Looking forward to developments Michael!

  3. Lorraine says:

    Glad you are pursuing this opportunity and serendipity meeting further. I look forward to to next date, and where things go from there. I promise not to blush!

  4. How lovely. Such an exciting time!

  5. Teresa says:

    What a fascinating description of an enchanting evening.

  6. mandibelle16 says:

    This is an awesome Part 2 to last weeks Music Prompt. I like this guy and this woman seems like an interesting character as well. I want it to work out but I’m afraid she’s not as nice as he is? Anyways if have a part 3 in you, it would be wonderful 🙂

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