SoCS May 20/17 – All or Nothing


“I have been absent so today is an all or nothing exercise.

Can I put a logical word or two down, can you forgive me for my tardiness?”

The letter was written in his rough handwriting, the sort that suggested schooling had been not much more than a sideshow to entertain him as he grew up. He certainly gave the impression of never paying much attention and the fact he was suspended so often gave rise to speculation about his mental state. I looked again at his note, steeling myself to decipher the scrawl.

“I’ve busy at home. The lounge room was in need of a makeover so I set myself the task of doing just that. Mum’s wallpaper applied some forty years ago had to be removed. In some spots over the years the paper must have come loose as dad I am sure used contact cement to reapply it never thinking that in years to come his son would want to remove it and what a job that was.

But I got it all done. The biggest room in the place now looks better than ever. I used ‘Plum Relic’ as the colour for my feature wall. I like it though my son has suggested it’s too purple.

It was one of those jobs where once I started it was a matter of all or nothing. I couldn’t stop, I was driven to finish. My exercise for two weeks was climbing up and down the ladder, it seemed cutting in was an endless task but I got there and I’m pleased with the result. Next week I’ll get new floor coverings and the old carpet that’s been down as long as I can remember will go.

You’ll have to come by and see what I have been up to. It will be good to catch up again.’

There no further apology, just his signing off. I never took him for a home renovator but the more I got to know him the more I learned about him. I liked his ‘all or nothing’ attitude, I’m sure it gave him reason to pursue the task he set himself.


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5 Responses to SoCS May 20/17 – All or Nothing

  1. I like the glimpse into this character.

  2. Enjoyed this Michael. I always liked the idea of “cutting in.” Was a substitute for doing the whole thing.

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