Wordle #156 – Warren Oscitates Once Too Often


This week’s words: Tough Collapse Syncretism (n. the attempted reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles,practices, or parties, as in philosophy or religion..) Uncanny  Catch Strand Barrel Tendency Reform Warren Vertebra Oscitant ((adj.) yawning, as with drowsiness; gaping. drowsy or inattentive. dull, lazy, or negligent.)

Warren was often told he didn’t have the backbone to succeed. It was something to do with his vertebra not being tough enough to withstand the rigours of everyday life.

His wife often complained that his children ran roughshod over him. She was a woman for whom the concept of things being black and white had worked more than adequately throughout her life and she had more than a tendency to express herself in strident tones about the behaviours of her children. As for Warren, she thought of him as an oscitant as she pictured him of a Saturday afternoon sprawled on the lounge watching the TV with various children draped around him as he snoozed the afternoon away waking only periodically to check the score before drifting back into his default oscitant state oblivious to little Johnny tipping a bag of flour onto the floor or Susie unable to get to the toilet on time collapsing onto the floor in a pool of her own urine.

The real test for the family came when the eldest, Ursula May, took up with the local religious cult, The Church of the Deviant Soul. The wife railed against his parenting as being all to blame for his daughter being led astray by this evil organisation. Warren found that he had to be at his syncretic best to placate his wife and family as he attempted in his best syncretic way to explain the syncretism involved and that in time Ursula May would see the cult for what was. A branch of the devil’s incarnate earthly presence and hence reform her wayward ways.

As Warren waxed on in his own unique way he caught a glimpse of his wife who was tapping her foot. She had an uncanny way of waiting for the right moment to get you over a barrel and before you knew it you were stranded on one of the many sandbars of life she seemed to guide you towards.

In moments like this Warren saw the benefits of his oscitant lifestyle, when staying in a drowsy inattentive state had a lot going for it.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/wordle-156/

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