Tale Weaver No 106 9/2/17 – Touch


She came to see me the first time and looked so sheepish I wasn’t sure what I had to offer would sit so well with her.

I explained remedial massage as best I could to her saying it was deep muscle massage and often could feel painful. She said her neck to her waist hurt and she’d heard I was good at what I did.

So agreeing to the massage I left her to ready herself, laying out towels to use as cover once she had undressed.

And so the ritual began. Every three weeks we went through the same routine. I explained everything I was going to do, what I discovered as I worked my way around her neck and shoulders and finally the small of her back.

She had the smoothest of skin and for me it was a delight to touch and feel my hands gliding over its silky texture.

Her neck and back were a series of knots, muscles contracting and needing to be released. Each time I would unclip her bra, and work my way down her back manipulating her muscles as I went all the while marvelling at the softness of her skin.

She said very little other than to gasp from time to time as I pushed hard against her tightened muscles trying as best I could to release the pent up tension.

Conversation wasn’t something she was interested in, that became clear, so my hands had to do all the communicating with her. There were moments when I needed to go deep into her muscle and I’d urge her to breathe deeply against the discomfort I knew she would be feeling. I would hear her dragging in deep breaths as my fingers found the trigger points I would linger on as they slowly let go their grip on her.

It was common with massage for the skin to be bruised for a day or so after but she never complained about any of that. At the end of each session, I would gently rub her skin in a flowing action to try and relax her and take away the tension I knew she was feeling.

I’d wipe the massage oil from her skin, re-clip her bra and leave her to dress. She always paid in cash and made another appointment three weeks away.

On the last day, she announced she would not be returning and thanked me for all I had done for her.

As she was about to leave she turned and said: “I did all this to try and appeal to his sense of me being ok. That I wasn’t a dead fish as he called me. In the end, it didn’t matter. I wasn’t good enough. Try as I did he found a younger woman and now I feel useless. All this, all the hard work you put in has come to nothing. Do you know what it’s like to wake up knowing you just aren’t good enough? There’s nothing more to live for is there?

He hadn’t touched me in years. Do you know what that means? What it says about you?

You made me feel again. The pain of it all made me feel alive. I’m grateful for all that.”

With that, she left and I never saw her again.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/tale-weaver-no-106-9217-touch/



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25 Responses to Tale Weaver No 106 9/2/17 – Touch

  1. Sangbad says:

    Beautiful…intrigue…very beautiful….

  2. Joyfrida says:

    This is an amazing story Michael. I am rarely immediately drawn and hooked to a story from start to finish. The description was on point. I will try the challenge hope it will be as good.

  3. That was beautiful. Captivating really.

  4. this is lovely, Michael 🙂

  5. wordwitch88 says:

    wow – now that was a really interesting ending …. the way it all was written up – how she endured the physical pain of the massage and the messages held in her body – using pain and pain release as a way to feel alive – human again – very well done Michael. Very sensitive.

  6. Lorraine says:

    I think this is one of your best pieces of writing — descriptive, intuitive, characterizations so real. You have captured a feeling, a moment, bittersweet, poignant. Yes, I reached for the Kleenex. How could I not?

  7. willowdot21 says:

    Oh! Michael that. Is so sad, similar yet different to Lorraine’s post on this challenge. Yours is so poignant! A beautiful read so well written.xxx

  8. mandibelle16 says:

    I enjoyed this Michael.Touch is so pivotal to relationshipsand people in general. I can see how massages would maker feel good again, that she is good enough. A turning point for her to look for better in life.

  9. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    WoW!! so real, Michael. You describe a massage just as it is done…when my massage therapist gets to my lower back, the tension is so great, I burst out in tears. We don’t question it, just release it.

    In workshops for women who are newly single again, I often recommend a good massage with a warning, they may weep the first time since to be touched is so important and long welcomed. Beautiful write, Michael. You really should send this to a wellness magazine…so great!

    • Michael says:

      Having had many massages I know about the pain….I also know from conversations with my masseuse that women react differently and have a greater pain threshold than we wimpy men..lol. He used to say the bigger and tougher you appeared to be the more pain you felt.

      • Cheryl-Lynn says:

        Yeah. My masseuse would call me the next day to make sure I was ok with Fibrimyalgia I could be in pain for three to four days but well worth it. As for men with pain, I think world population would shrink if they gave birth lol:)

  10. julespaige says:

    Touch is important. Even when I didn’t always agree with my children…when ever they arrived or left the house I gave/give them a hug. Not everyone is a big hugger. But I think even gentle hugs say so much more than words.

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