Finish Off Fridays #1: Privet’s Farm 11.11.16


Privet’s Farm, isolated from other farms sat exposed to the elements. As a result, it withstood the elements in all their fury all year round. The orchard at the farm was not as well cared for, the peach tree’s forever looking decidedly unhappy. Closer in around the house and the out buildings the state of disrepair was obvious to all who wandered by.

Mr Privet was an odd man. Short and stout, who loved to shout, called his neighbours names that can never be repeated. He made enemies without really trying and it was a good thing many concluded that he and his farm was as isolated as they were. For three months over Christmas he was snowed in, a relief to the people of the town. Once the thaw began Privet started to complain and whine. People were glad he and his farm were as isolated as they were.

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3 Responses to Finish Off Fridays #1: Privet’s Farm 11.11.16

  1. Thanks Michael. I smiled as the actual owner of Privet’s Farm was so the opposite. Unfortunately, the peach trees didn’t make it. That was our tiny house just visible on the bottom left of the screen with the apple orchards beside us. Lots of good memories there.

  2. Bernadette says:

    I was going to reply that one wonders what causes some people to be so reclusive and abusive and then I read Freudian’s comment. Wierd🤔

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