SoCS Nov. 12/16 – “mem.”


The memo came in the form of a memorandum neatly typed telling me of the plan for the next day.

There was to be a memorial to my Uncle Fred. As it was Remembrance Day we were all asked to turn up to the memorial where a tribute would be paid to his memorable service to Queen and country…though I don’t think Uncle Fred had much allegiance to the Queen his was more to his next beer and Elsie Oates his girl.

When Uncle Fred left for the war across the sea he left Elsie a small memento of his membrum virile which she kept in her top drawer and I’m sure fondled each night.

Uncle Fred was a member of the First Rifle Brigade and fought on the Western Front. It was there he died too.

His memory of course lives on in our family, the small piece of memorabilia he left has always served to remind us that there is nothing certain in life. Last year my Cousin Harry wrote a memoir of Uncle Fred’s life. I read it and thought Harry’s memory was different to mine. There was not one mention of Uncle Fred’s membrum virile. I thought that a shame as that piece of memorabilia was what we all remembered most about him.


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16 Responses to SoCS Nov. 12/16 – “mem.”

  1. This is such a lovely read. I was wondering if this is a piece of fiction or real. I enjoyed it.

      • joey says:

        I wonder if you only write about penises, or I only read you on the days you do… ? Anyway, you tell a good story.

      • Michael says:

        That’s an interesting observation Joey I must look to see if that is true..maybe next week the word Linda chooses will give me something to write about on vaginas or if I’m lucky elbows, now that’s always a challenging topic..

      • joey says:

        They’re really aren’t enough elbows on the WP…
        I wrote a vagina piece once. Why this makes grown people squirm, I’ll never understand. Everyone’s got one or the other…and EVERYONE HAS ELBOWS!

      • Michael says:

        Yes I always feel I can get away with a penis but a vagina seems to make so many cringe. Maybe they aren’t as funny as a penis?

      • joey says:

        Probably not. Good point. 🙂

      • Michael says:

        Be fun to try though….I remember once a student did one of the scenes from Vagina Monologues and it was very funny but we still weren’t sure how people might react so we a performance one day with the female principal and the ladies from the office, it went very well.

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