Thursday photo prompt – Secrets #writephoto


No one knew what went on or why it did at 83 Dell Street.

It was years before the secrets came out. In a darkened room, curtains drawn, anything was possible. Monsters could roam free; terror was a way of life.

Children would huddle in corners, arms wrapped around each other the only protection they had.

What made it always worse was the randomness of it all. There was no agenda, no timetable, they were at the monster’s whim and mercy. Though mercy was a quality it didn’t know much about.

The room was scant of furniture. Dirty mattresses lay on the floor, a floor that had seen better times but when you have victims aplenty you care little about their comfort as your own needs supersede all else.

To the outsider 83 Dell Street was like any other house in the street. Respectable, looked after, lawns mown, professional people contributors to the community.

Inside was a different game. Depravity, abuse, deprivation. No one knew about the children. The walls and windows had been sound proofed. It was the house to all and sundry of a well-respected couple.

The eldest child looked around and saw her silent siblings. Each lay on their mattress. Eyes focused on what she could never tell but eyes that were in the main vacant. Footsteps alerted them. The monster and his assistant stood at the door.

It was time she thought…..


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23 Responses to Thursday photo prompt – Secrets #writephoto

  1. Similar thoughts Michael.

  2. This is a haunting story, Michael. You never know what goes on in other houses. Chilling.

  3. A nasty tale, Michael, but not so uncommon, I fear.

  4. One of the thoughts that came to mind seeing the picture. I hope the older sibling gets the chance to put her plan in play.

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  6. TanGental says:

    grizzly. remind me to avoid your neighbours!

  7. Excellent! Scary, actually horrifying and the reason? It happens in this world of ours. We walk by the house that looks like any well kept house on the block, but what goes on inside may shock us.
    Well penned.

  8. ashnfinn says:

    Very scary all the more so because we know that monsters like this are real.

  9. A scary story but it does bring the reality that such atrocities do exists, even next door to us.

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