Wordle #127 “October 31st, 2016” – Derrick


This week’s words: Adverse Wrap Drouk (verb. To wet thoroughly. To drench.) Film Certain Seam Bedraggle (Verb. To make limp and soiled.) Debris Eschatology (Any system of doctrines concerning last, or final, matters, as death,the Judgment, the future state, etc. The branch of theology dealing with such matters.) Glance Sentry Deceive

Derrick had suffered a good and proper drouking and looked the perfect drenched mad man as he stood in the rain and waited outside Hilda’s Tavern. Despite the adverse conditions he was on schedule and knew that if he was patient his catch would come to him.

Being a part-time weekend axe murderer was no easy feat. He had studied eschatology extensively and knew the ins and outs of death, judgement and assorted doctrines dealing with deathly matters and the aftermath of the actions he took.

He took his studies seriously and liked to wrap things up on the one night. Leaving things till morning never really worked for Derrick, he liked to wrap it up, film it, post it and make sure there was no debris left to incriminate himself.

Tonight because of the drouking he was receiving he was looking decidedly bedraggled standing there in the pouring rain. His hair had washed down over his head revealing the bald patch he tried so hard to disguise but which his mum would say of him was a fruitless sign of vanity and certain to be his downfall.

Either way you looked at it Derrick’s actions had deceived his mother as he left each Saturday night saying he was going to the woods to chop wood. Which was in a way a truth as his first victim had been Billy Wood.

A glance at Derrick would have revealed a very insecure man. His day job as a sentry on the town’s battlements belied the truth that he deceived all and sundry as to his true purpose in life.

Outside Hilda’s Tavern he picked at the seam in his coat as he awaited Loose Lips Watson the woman who in the past week had glanced at Derrick and jumped to the conclusion that he must be the axe murderer because he looked dodgy, studied the weird theology of eschatology of a Wednesday night when every one else in the town was down the town square collecting the debris left over from market day.

Loose Lips had made such a fuss about Derrick insisting there was film of him outside Sadie’s ‘Feelin’ Lucky’ Salon the night Sadie was found in several pieces. Derrick fearing the worst of such an adverse rumour decided to put an end to Loose Lip’s loose lips once and for all.

A little after midnight Derrick arrived home, his firewood sack full, still looking bedraggled he glanced at his mum asleep beside the fire, took his trusty axe and oiled it down and wrapped it ready for the next weekend, just six days away.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/10/31/wordle-127-october-31st-2016/

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11 Responses to Wordle #127 “October 31st, 2016” – Derrick

  1. Being an axe murder sure is hard work lol Great job Michael, very entertaining which I don\t often say about axe murderers

  2. Perfect Wordle response for Halloween!

  3. Awesome wordle. Who could have thought that axe murderers could induce sympathy (or is it empathy 😜?)

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