Writing Prompt October 30th: Judgement of Self – An Afternoon with my Girl


Image: Judgement Tarot card


My dear friend Isabella and I had been going out together for some time and we loved each other’s company. We spend most weekends together, planning, talking, tripping and just doing those things that couples in love do. We had made great plans for our future, buying a house, wedding and honeymoon to the places we always wished we could go. We were, you might say, frolicking in our own meadow.

Today we decided to take a walk down by the river running behind my place. It was a tranquil stretch of water and today was no different. There were swans gliding gracefully, ducks with their ducklings wandering along in single file, the occasional rabbit and once we glimpsed a platypus swimming close to the river’s edge. A little way along a snake slid across our path. Isabella screamed and jumped behind me. The snake stopped and raised its head towards us, nodded and went on its way. I told Isabella she was frightening the snake as it was just going about it daily business. She refused to take another step forward so seeing a small boat tied to the river’s edge I coaxed her into it and we set off across the stream. It was so peaceful and relaxing. She lay back in the rear of the boat as I paddled languidly along not a care in the world. Such was our state of relaxation I failed to hear the approaching speedboat which roared past us upsetting our boat in its wake causing me to drop the oars into the river. Before I could right myself I was up the creek without a paddle. Literally.

‘Grab it, grab it,” she roared at me.

All my floundering came to no avail as the oars and me slipped further apart. I sat there wondering what to do now as the boat began to drift with the current. Apart from the speedboat we had not seen a single soul on the river. Isabella was not very happy and saw this as a sign that all was not going to end well. To say she panicked is putting it mildly. She became frantic, saying we are going to die, where are we going, can’t you do something, have you always been this useless, I should never have agreed to coming here if the beasts don’t kill me the river will. And on it went. I’d never seen her this worked up before. “I just want to go home and finish alphabetically arranging my spice rack, labelling my drawers, the fridge needs a clean and the dryer is still on and will be emitting its alarm and the neighbours will be complaining, again, plus the man downstairs will have the shits and will be send me his horrid vapours day and night. I tried valiantly to calm her but she went on saying to me finally that I should know she is a girl with peeves and that she knew I’d accumulated a long list of them.

I looked ahead to where the boat was drifting my heart in my mouth for ahead was a series of rapids I never knew were there. Suddenly I was gripped with an unprecedented fear. Our future held untold dangers. I was at a loss as to what to do as we plunged into no man’s land.



Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/10/30/writing-prompt-october-30th-judgement-of-self/

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14 Responses to Writing Prompt October 30th: Judgement of Self – An Afternoon with my Girl

  1. Time to off the woman.

  2. Mandy says:

    Haha! Sorry Michael, this is one high maintenance girl–alphabetizing her spice racks?? I’m with John, time to off the girl! 😀

  3. Jump out! That’s a red flag… Woman gonna take him on a ride much worse than rapids

  4. Joyfrida says:

    Hahahaha I like her 🙂

  5. Well she seems a handful. OCD and all. That must be a lot to discover about his girlfriend in one go though 😉. Funny one.

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