SoCS Oct. 29/16 – “in/out”


She wanted to know before it all started if I was an in or an out. I didn’t quite understand the question but I soon learned what she was referring to.

Within hours of being in the same bed she came to some startling conclusions. I was in in some cases and out in others. She looked at my aging physique and notice my belly button was an innie. That seemed to please her but I don’t know why we don’t always have control over what is in and what is out.

That certainly went for sex. She was concerned that I was more out than in. It is an age thing I had tried to explain. It happens and there’s not much I can do about it. I said this as I slipped the all-important pill down my throat that I knew in thirty minutes would spring me into action once again.

That I understood my own situation seemed to please her and that I took steps to remedy the situation even more pleasing. Performance was a bit rusty but hey I said that can get better in time. She said she’d reserve judgement.

We did go in for deep conversation, trading stories of our inglorious pasts and then when that was all finished we went out for breakfast sat outdoors, indulged in some fine French bread and wine, yes even with breakfast.

That night she took me tenderly and led me in and out of a real life fantasy. An outstanding night-in to remember.


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17 Responses to SoCS Oct. 29/16 – “in/out”

  1. This was like being there with you. I did hide my eyes. Nice Michael.

  2. ellenbest24 says:

    Oh my Your writing, dare i say had me in the room… *blushes* ‘i passed you a glass of water to swallow the pill, that was me’ . I think you had breakfast at a street Caf`e in France a nice touch (pardon the pun) the wine if red fortifies your… bits or so French men say. Great story good fun and I closed my eyes at inappropriate moments. 😇

  3. joey says:

    Well done — I loved your descriptions, and the way you referenced the innie belly button “but I don’t know why we don’t always have control over what is in and what is out.” Fantastic line.

  4. I had to close my eyes’ to read this, ha,ha!

  5. I had to advert my eyes, so as not to blush, and therefore ended up not reading most of your post. I assume all was good, lol.

  6. Mandy says:

    Oh my goodness, I know I shouldn’t be laughing–that’s no help at all, but hahaha 😀 You are one of a kind dear Michael, one of a kind . . . .

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