#Maydays Prompt – Finding Friendship


Today’s #maydays prompt is on the theme of finding friendship.

In a friendless world it wasn’t hard

When you came along, took my hand,

Said you always wonted a man like me

A man to teach you things

Show you that you are worthwhile.

What started out as innocence

An encouraging word about poetry

Blossomed into a full friendship

Where we care for one another

We want each other to be happy.

Now you have gone away

A week we think but its up in the air

I know I’ll miss you,

I’ll miss your smile and sense of fun

I’ll miss the friendship

That permeates my everyday.

I’ll be the one pining for your return.

Ours is a friendship to cherish and nurture

One I’m so glad to have found in you.


Written for: https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/maydays-prompt-finding-friendship/

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4 Responses to #Maydays Prompt – Finding Friendship

  1. Must be wonderful having found a friendship like that. but then you are a romantic poet, after all.

  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Ver sweet poem Michael. You’re lucky to have found this friend.

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