Photo Challenge #115 – Like the Nose Upon Your Face


Image: Viki Kollerová

I am sick of all this

The denial, the refusal,

Reality stares you in the face

Yet you cannot accept

What is plain to all around you!

I am striving to create a better you

Make you see the potential you have

The opportunity that lies in front

You must reflect, ponder the possibilities

Like the nose upon your face.



In a quiet corner the boy sat writing

Trying to make sense of the boy he was

Obviously there were flaws and faults

He was told so often about them

The niggardly little things that drove her crazy

Sent her into hours of diatribe

Pointing out in minute detail the error of his ways.

So often told, he started to believe

His worthlessness apparent

Like the nose upon his face.


He began to see that he was like Sisyphus

Forever to repeat and repeat over

The more he tried, the worse it got

Until one day a slapping awaken him.

He was who he was, just a boy

As confused as the next one

Wanting to be loved, wanting to love

Introspection he decided stopped him

Seeing the world for what it was

Like the nose upon his face.


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11 Responses to Photo Challenge #115 – Like the Nose Upon Your Face

  1. wildchild47 says:

    interesting interpretation of the image – I like how you’ve used the repetition to great effect – and how the story cycles and cycles in and on itself, reminds me of the posed body in the image – and then the sudden snapping, the breaking of the twigs. Delight to read Michael 🙂

  2. Boy, we overlook that nose so often, don’t we? “So often told, he started to believe” Well, no more!!!

  3. “Michael”, she said with soft smile “a kt write (kt = Kleenex-time). There are good feeling cries and bad hurtful cries. This is a good cry. I much prefer those. But life has/is the good and the hurtful.”

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Glad he woke up. Seems like the help he was getting was terrible advice.

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