Photo Challenge #114 – We Wondered


Image: Adam Hague


Was it your scream I heard?

Was it in fear, in wonder?

A cry of disbelief?

A cry of rejoicing?


You said you sounded like a banshee

At your feet was a snake in the grass

Come to remind you of humble roots

Of less than gracious childhood times.


Did I arrive in time?

Was I too late, too soon?

Was it a matter of punctuation?

A matter of subject?


You said it was all about a teacher fantasy

Wanting to learn, listening and storing away

Each morsel of knowledge he sent your way

Of the why, the how more so than the what.


Was it a case of being courageous?

Did you mind standing up for you?

Did you start to believe?

Did you start to trust?


We watched a boy loving a girl

We watched a girl loving a boy

And we wondered….


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8 Responses to Photo Challenge #114 – We Wondered

  1. Stella says:

    OH MY–breathtaking, Michael!

  2. wildchild47 says:

    wow – this is one hell of an interesting piece – it’s a literal reading that can only plunge you into the depths of human follies, trappings, emotions, scars, wounds – posing so many questions, ideas tumbling and spilling forth, slithering about – with an undercurrent that is electric!

    this is an “easy” read Michael – but chock full of possibilities – and it lingers far longer than one might expect or consider – BrillianT!

  3. Susan Langer says:

    This is a beautiful piece but much more complex than it appears on the surface. I reread it five times and each time was taken aback by something else that I missed the time before. Excellent work, Michael. 🙂

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