#Maydays Prompt – Journey


Today’s prompt is about a journey. Physical, Spiritual and /or Emotional

Crawford breathed his last and around him there was a sigh of relief. He wasn’t very well liked in life and now he was gone everyone was pleased the ordeal of Crawford was over.

Crawford however looked around there at the end of the bed was a small man in a bowler hat holding a very impressive looking staff.

The little man introduced himself as Death and suggested Crawford get a move on as he had a busy day and there was no time for dilly-dallying.

Death had a habit of looking at his watch a lot. It was a tough gig being Death. After all not everyone died at an appointed time, people had a tendency to drop off at any old hour.

He always thought creating limbo was an excellent idea, his version of a waiting room for those times when he couldn’t be there at the time someone passed beyond life.

Now though he had to get Crawford to the Door and beyond that wasn’t his concern. Taking Crawford’s hand he started on the journey Crawford found instantly fascinating.

Crawford had been one of life’s great sceptics. Life after death didn’t exist he told anyone who listened and he was ready to enter the great void and be content his living had been ok, well ok by his standards, which thankfully were not everyone else’s.

Death was well aware of Crawford and his theories and inwardly delighted in being the bearer of bad news.

Their journey was windy, Crawford looked down as mountain ranges few past, rivers and volcanoes did as they do and at one point he was sure he caught sight of a dinosaur.

Death wasn’t much of a tour guide his mind on the coming days work. There would a natural disaster in the afternoon, which would necessitate him in organising a Death bus to carry all the souls afflicted on their respective journeys. The Death buses were a nightmare to organise. Not everyone of course had the same final destination so it was a real bother getting the itineraries right. The drivers were troubled souls conscripted into driving as a way of giving them some relief from the fires of hell and after all who wouldn’t jump at the prospect of your bits getting some respite from the singeing fires.

Soon they were going over rainforests and Death stopped at beautiful beach much like a tropical paradise you’d see on travel brochures.

Your destination announced Death, and bidding him farewell and good luck he left muttering something about drivers and their damn demands.

Crawford looked around and there in front of him was a sign:

“WELCOME DEAR SOUL, please follow the sand to the first door, knock politely and await instruction.”

It was a test Crawford was sure, as all around him was sand.

Then a small hand took his and in a flash he was before a large brown door marked, NEW ARRIVALS.

He knocked politely. The door opened he entered and in front of him another sigh: YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS HERE.

In front of him was a road that stretched into infinity…..


Written for: https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2016/05/24/maydays-prompt-journey/

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6 Responses to #Maydays Prompt – Journey

  1. Stella says:

    Oh WOW, Loved this, Michael! Great personality sketch of Death–a new one to me! I like your dry wit very much. The concept of the afterlife being “the great void” is so empty (no pun intended)–equally as bad as the fires of hell.

  2. Lyn says:

    Death is a busy boy this week with your posts, Michael. LOL you’re going to wear him out 😀
    This one was even better than the last one 😉

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Enjoyed this very much Michael. Crawfords journey was fascinating. Deaths feelings about the death buses were amusing. The ending was good. I was expecting Crawford to be thrown into hell or go to heaven, but you put him on an a road of infinity. Some clever writing there. Sorry, I’m a day or two behind. Other writing to do 🙂

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