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100 Word Weekly Writing Challenge —Week 5

Image Credit: Stephanie of La Photographie The proposed changes to health care meant my partner would no longer be covered. I wasn’t going to see her shrivel up and die. There needed to be a protest and when changes placed … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge #114 – We Wondered

Image: Adam Hague   Was it your scream I heard? Was it in fear, in wonder? A cry of disbelief? A cry of rejoicing?   You said you sounded like a banshee At your feet was a snake in the … Continue reading

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#Maydays Prompt – A Little Lost

Today’s #maydays prompt may your character lose something, their phone, their marbles, their sheep?   Moving house can be not only tiring but also stressful as all you are focused on is getting the job done as quickly as possible. So it … Continue reading

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SoCS May 23/15 – ‘ke’

Badge by Doobster @ Mindful Digressions This week’s prompt is: “ke.” Can you see her? No, she’s out of sight. No wait I can now. What’s she doing? Sitting at her desk. She sits there a lot. Yes. Some days … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt #96 “Cacodemonomania” March 1, 2015 – The Old Couple

“Cacodemonomania is the pathological belief that one is inhabited, or possessed, by an evil spirit or entity.”- Wikipedia The old couple sat together in the doctor’s waiting room. They huddled as one. Their arms wrapped round themselves as if needing … Continue reading

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Maro Reĝo (Fairy Tale) – February 13, 2015 – Useless

Image: Hans Baldung. Study of a Unicorn, 1544. WikiArt. There’s a sea unicorn living in the creek behind my house. His name is Eustace. He keeps a very low profile as he is in hiding. From what I asked? Life … Continue reading

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“Wave Machine*” Photo Challenge #42 – 6 January, 2015 – I Imagine

Image: Arno Rafael Minkkinen Sometimes I imagine your face An image that sets me alight. Those blue eyes Piercing my soul In understanding In love. I cherish that look That devotion. Don’t try and save me Just be there to … Continue reading

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