Photo Challenge #105 – To Be the Things I Once Thought I’d Be.


Image: Arno Rafael Minkkinen

I heard you say: “I’m shutting down.”

Calling it quits

Going into hiding

Away from the trolls

And their ignorant shit.

So for a time you did just that

Disappeared to lick your wounds.

But beneath that pained exterior

There lay a soul made from steel.

You needed time

To renew yourself

Re-energise and then return.

Your love of writing

I saw today.

Resplendent thoughts

Only you can write

Singing your unique song.

I am not down, I heard you cry

I’ll not buckle to cowardly ways.

I am resilient

My goal in life

Is to be, the things

I once thought I’d be.


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10 Responses to Photo Challenge #105 – To Be the Things I Once Thought I’d Be.

  1. mitraarchita says:

    Beautiful words. Really, really well-written poem! Kudos.

  2. NEKNEERAJ says:

    Excellent response Michael. This is such an inspiring piece.

  3. wildchild47 says:

    Totally can relate to what you have penned here 😉 …. sorry, my mind is floating on the image and your words …. which are soooooo elegant.

    I start reading your piece – what an opening line – such power – and it all just begins with a quiet murmuring and streams on into this lovely form of hope, courage and dedication. Clearly you have captured this so well Michael 🙂 Well done …. this leaves me with a smile on my face that is otherwise soured by early morning newscasts …. so toss that out and linger with this treasure instead 🙂

    • Thank you Pat, and to think I am now a treasure, well my words are at any rate…you are as always very generous in your comments….hope you are doing well and not getting too down by the state of the world today….

      • wildchild47 says:

        ugh …. nasty world …. but good reading finds are treasures …. and yes, your words are jewels and you are the treasure chest that holds them in their wonder and glory 😉

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Wonderful inspiring poem in the end! The speaker licked his wounds and then got back up to write and try again. Like the picture you chose to, neat!

  5. Bastet says:

    Splendid write dearest Micheal .. I hear your friends wish to withdraw from trolls and all that sort of thing – and the resurrection call to the inner being that has a right to exist and must never renounce dreams, talent and happiness to the trolls of the world.

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