FFfAW – Week of 3-22-2016 – Uncle Henry


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Uday, with the blog, Udayology.

Uncle Henry’s Photo Centre was a mafia front. A place where large sums of money were squirreled away and laundered.

Henry was a kingpin. He stood over people because when you are six feet seven you just do.

He ran a tight business and even on occasion took the odd photograph himself. To the untrained it looked like any other photo centre. It was the doors that suggested something unusual about the centre. What appeared wooden were in fact lead lined plutonium enriched titanium doors, bullet proof and idiot proof.

Uncle Henry had a thing about idiots. He’d say “I’m surrounded by idiots, where are all the smart people.”

This usually happened when one of his less intelligent henchmen brought in the washing. Henry would look at the basket of soggy notes then at the guy holding it.

He’d shake his head and send the hapless guy to his office where he would enlighten him in the finer points of money laundering.


Written for: https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/fffaw-week-of-3-22-2016/

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36 Responses to FFfAW – Week of 3-22-2016 – Uncle Henry

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Vicious man Uncle Henry. And I’m sure he appeared imposing enough due to his height, never mind his manner. Great story Michael.

  2. Scout says:

    My favorite line, “He stood over people because when you are six feet seven you just do” 😀 When I was a kid I always thought money laundering was the same as the “less-intelligent henchman.” Fun read, Michael 🙂

  3. rosemawrites says:

    OOhhh! A seemingly friendly facade of an evil work! Nice one, Michael!

  4. I really love where your mind went with this.
    A great fun story.

  5. Graham Lawrence says:

    Very entertaining! Liked “He stood over people because when you are six feet seven you just do.” chuckles.

  6. I almost wish he had towered over people but he was short! I wonder what kind of punishment would be given to the less intelligent henchmen who had just laundered the money… Great entertaining story!

  7. Matthew Burgos says:

    Exudes a true criminal. Such a lovely story. Great work! Thank you.

  8. wildchild47 says:

    What appeared wooden were in fact lead lined plutonium enriched titanium doors, bullet proof and idiot proof.

    This is such an awesome line! I’m still laughing.

    Great little piece here …. although, truth be told, money does get washed …. actually laundered in some way and thrown in a dryer …. but that’s if it’s counterfeit …. not as the “idiot” henchman … sorry, I ‘m laughing too hard ….. I can see …. a dripping basket full of money … and a blank look …. of hell …..you know …. dead brilliant Michael XD

  9. Hahahaha! I love the fact that the idiot henchmen actually “laundered” money like one would their washing. I think Uncle Henry is a patient man since he would pull them aside and enlighten him on the “finer points of money laundering.” Great story, Michael! It really tickled me.

  10. Joy Pixley says:

    Ha ha, good one! Although I’m not sure this guy is ready for the finer points of money laundering. Looks like Uncle Henry will have to go back and start with step one!

  11. That’s a great take on the prompt. I can picture “Uncle Henry” really well.

  12. Shivangi says:

    Entertaining take on the prompt Michael. I loved the bit about the lined plutonium door… How imaginative!

  13. afairymind says:

    A very fun story, Michael! I used to think the same thing about money laundering! I wouldn’t want to be the idiot henchmen being ‘enlightened’ by Uncle Henry. 🙂

  14. samratkel says:

    This is very clever. Isn’t it interesting how the look of some buildings brings about stories that just fit them!! A great read.

  15. Hahaha! I don’t use the word dumb to describe people usually but that guy was dumb! Delightful read!

  16. rogershipp says:

    I am sure the lesson was learned most masterfully. Enjoyed.

  17. Uncle Henry is a true gangster. What an innocent cover for nefarious business.

  18. milliethom says:

    What a great read – so many funny parts. You paint the entire scene of the Photo Centre so well, from Uncle Henry’s imposing stance and those amazing doors to the basket of soggy notes! What a great place to disguise such a gangster-run business. 🙂

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