Wordle #93 “January 11, 2016” – The Reverent Father


This week’s challenging words: Face Genitals Humiliate Sacrosanct (extremely sacred or inviolable: not to be entered or trespassed upon: above or beyond criticism, change, or interference) Hinder Genuflect (to bend the knee or touch one knee to the floor in reverence or worship. to express a servile attitude.) Jagged False Swan Irreverent (a lack of respect) Drag Loculus (Ecclesiastical. a compartment in an altar, in which relics are kept. a recess in an ancient catacomb or tomb, where a body or cinerary urn was placed.)


The Very Reverent Father looked down on the less than reverent Sister and wondered how it was that he was able to sacrifice so much to so few when it came to his personal gratification.

He knew and believed his position to be sacrosanct way above any law mere man might try to impose on him and he and his religious mates often employed the Reverent Sister to assist in their exploration of the darker side of life. They truly believed they had an obligation to face the dark aspects of life without hinder or favour and even though deep inside they each felt the pangs of humiliation they also believed it was their responsibility to their respective flocks to be aware of all of life’s temptations.

Tonight the Reverent Father had taken the Reverent Sister and stood her on the alter where he had to admit she cut a fine figure wearing only her veil. He loved to genuflect before her as a sign of his humility but tonight he was going to do something that so sacrosanct as to invoke the fires of hell down upon him. He took the key to the Loculus and removed the churches most precious relic, that of the Blessed Saint herself and placed it on the step before the Reverent Sister…..

He knew this was a sign of the greatest irreverence but such was his frenzy of arousal he cared little for the significance of the moment.

He turned and dragged the naked woman down the steps; his hand gripped her hair beneath her veil and flung her down so her face was opposite his genitals. He pushed her face into himself just as the light that was normally soft and inconspicuous, suddenly took on a jagged look, it lit the room with a brilliance that was stunning, a voice rang out throughout the Church calling the less than reverent father a false God and in a brilliant flash of light all was suddenly normal again.

Except the reverent Sister was now a majestic swan and the reverent Father no more than tasty morsel of delectable Swan food.

The swan having taken her fill, genuflected to the alter, took the precious relic in her beak and returned it to the loculus.

She then left the Church in search of water.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/wordle-93-january-11-2016/

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13 Responses to Wordle #93 “January 11, 2016” – The Reverent Father

  1. This is very well-written Michael and I really do love that last line (it carried such weight for me and such a fine visual impulse)

  2. Phew thank goodness there was divine intervention before the train was aglow with blushing face lol Nice twist…as usual. You are certainly a master if your craft 🙂

    • Well had I known…lol… evil sometimes has to be treated with a bit of divine intervention and a yummy morsel for a swan….thanks for stopping by….enjoy your day at WORK……lol

  3. mj6969 says:

    Brilliant writing Michael!

    You’ve really captured sentiments in essence with such force and strength – I’m speechless.

    [again – you did it again! Brilliant man 🙂 ]


  4. This is one powerful piece of writing. Exposing the dark and festering secrets held by the Church, and creating a new folk tale of what happens when you preach one thing, and allow yourself another.
    One of the best yet.

  5. ladynimue says:

    Strong emotional one ! I enjoyed the thrill and the darkness here ..

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