Music Friday #24: “I Will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab for Cutie – The Very Same Thing


She spied him in a room of jumbled words

Across the space of comments he was there

Standing alone, looking nowhere

His gormless fish out of water expression

Gave her a rye smile.

Curious she approached

Said something about poetry,

They were as if magic words

He fired back ‘Maybe you should try some

It’s a beautiful way to express the way you feel.’

His encouragement stunned her

Why would he waste his time on her?

A lowly writer, struggling to finish a book

A book that cut her more than she admitted.

But she was piqued in ways she never experienced

She looked again found his words comforting

Noticed he began to read hers

Thought that’s just him being nice.

But he wrote of passion and compassion

He wrote of invigoration, his support moved her

She felt a sudden awakening

Her attention once riveted in the same as, same as,

Turned to this man, who was different.

She thought do I dare

Desire to spend time with him

To discover what makes him tick?

As each day passed she found

She was growing more enamoured of him.

At the same time in a small room

Miles from anywhere and nowhere

The man of jumbled words

Was thinking the very same thing.


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19 Responses to Music Friday #24: “I Will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab for Cutie – The Very Same Thing

  1. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Wonderfully done 😀

  2. Lovely to read of possibilities; possibilities built on passionate words. Trying to just smile with this one.

  3. mj6969 says:

    I think you did an amazing job with this prompt Michael – in fact, so much so, I prefer your version than the lyrics of the song. I like how you turned it into something far more positive, hopeful and encouraging … and how the sensitivity and curiosity win over … even as vulnerability and timidity are floating about.

    Truly great Michael 😀 you found the melody 😉

  4. You got me in the feels, my friend 🙂 A “room of jumbled words”…

    • Thank you so much…this one led me down that pathway……I’ve been enjoying these prompts

      • Happy to hear. Not always sure what people will respond to. Feels a little like hit and miss still. What are your thoughts on Bowie for Friday?

      • Well I’m not a great Bowie fan but it would be appropriate. In all honesty I look in the lyrics for a key word or phrase that I can work from, that’s how I approach your prompt…..though the songs in themselves are always interesting.

      • Ahh..good to know! I was saddened by the news as he was one of my early heroes growing up. He taught me it was safe and important to venture outside of “normal boxes” and develop your own identity. That, and I was a fool for his tights and long hair in “Labyrinth” 😀

      • Yes I well remember Labyrinth my kids and I watched it numerous times…..and you are right he did stretch boundaries and so I’m glad you saw that it was ok to go beyond the ‘normal boundaries.’

      • Lol my sisters used to watch it on repeat so much that I still know the entire dialogue by heart. I’m still undecided about the prompt. I’ll come up with something interesting guaranteed 😀

      • Great looking forward to it as always…..

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