Photo Challenge #93 December 29, 2015 – Miranda McFairywand


Miranda McFairywand was always considered a plain Jane amongst the fairies at the bottom of the garden.

They were a very perspicacious lot and gave Miranda a hard time as she grew up surrounded by elegance and beauty.

She lived her teenage years confined to the lily pads on the pond where she could sit for hours with the frog twins Fredo and Jacko. Being frogs they were not the ones to poke criticism at Miranda for they themselves were not examples of oil paintings either.

Miranda was blessed though with a magic no other fairy in her part of the garden possessed. Miranda had the ability to vanish. Disappear in a flash.

It irritated her peers and drove her parents crazy as they’d be talking to her one-minute and if she thought the conversation was tiresome she’d vanish without so much as a puff of smoke.

The McFairywand family were pond fairies. That is they lived beside the pond and were responsible for the upkeep of the pond and the preservation of the wildlife. Which meant they had one hell of a job keeping the marauding French fairies who all spoke in their foreign tongue and for whom a frog was a delicacy to be sought after, well away from their pond.

It was Miranda’s job, to protect the frogs at all cost. Several times she had confronted the Frenchies as they were called as they tried time and time again to lure her away.

She had grown very attached to her two companions, they were after all her only friends and even though they communicated by a combination of croaks and ribbets the three friends had found common ground.

To her credit being about to vanish did give you an advantage over any opponent and Miranda used all her skills to ward off the Frenchies when they came around. She’d drive them crazy by coming up behind them as they were about the snare a frog and yelling into their ears, Frogo frogo. It always frightened the Frenchies who were not very keen on being startled in any way shape or form.

So on this particular day she was lounging on her favourite lily pad discussing the merits of quantum physics with Fredo and Jacko when she sensed an attack. Immediately she vanished. She watched the French fairy crawl through the fairy grass at the side of the pond and as it stood to pounce with its fairy net she let scream with her high pitched fairy voice startling the attacker in such a way that it fell into the pond. Now anyone who knows anything about ponds, frogs and fairies will know that a fairy in the pond is anyone’s lunch.

Fredo and Jacko licked their lips as they settled in once again to discuss the physical properties of French Fairies and why it was their legs were so tasty.


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9 Responses to Photo Challenge #93 December 29, 2015 – Miranda McFairywand

  1. Love the ending — I had no idea that frogs ate fairies, but isn’t it the phrase: “turn about is fair[y] play?”

  2. clothespeggedpat says:

    I’ve been chuckling at the marvelous story Michael – as well as Phylor’s exchange of comments with you …. and well wouldn’t you know – it’s been a fairy delicious reading experience;)

    thanks so much for your response to the photo challenge 🙂 I thought you might enjoy a bit of year end fairy play – and well, you have, as usual, given the breadth of your imagination as well as being privy to certain worlds that most do not notice, have once again regaled with great wit and spark!

    Love the play on words and ideas and indeed – just a wonderful read 🙂

    Cheers and thanks for sharing your response 🙂

    By the by – gorgeous image on your post – very enticing and enchanting 🙂

    And I will just sneak this in since I am far and well behind in everything “cyber” – thank you for the delightful e-card – and I hope your holidays were truly magnificent Michael. May 2016 find you blessed with an abundance of all things wonderful 🙂

    Cheers~ Pat

  3. afairymind says:

    Love the ending! That french fairy got exactly what it deserved. 🙂

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