Wordle #91“December 28, 2015” – Archie


This week’s words: Rigid Turmeric Silt Entropy Tobacco Lymph (Anatomy, Physiology. a clear yellowish, slightly alkaline, coagulable fluid, containing white blood cells in a liquid resembling blood plasma,that is derived from the tissues of the body and conveyed to the bloodstream by the lymphatic vessels. Archaic. the sap of a plant. Archaic. a stream or spring of clear, pure water.) Aftertaste Pulsate Admonish Filament (a very fine thread or threadlike structure; a fiber or fibril) Skinflint (a miser) Adhesion

I remember standing rigidly at the top of the stairs looking down on the mess that lay below.

The recent floodwaters had receded leaving a silt covering over everything of a turmeric colour and in the midst of all the yellowness lay Archie’s body. Such was the fall he had taken that his lymph nodes had burst and added a different shade of yellow to the overwhelming yellowness of the scene.

The week of the flood had led to a complete and utter entropy within society. Chaos it could be said was reigning supreme and entropy was having a field day.

It all left a bad aftertaste in your mouth, there was little point in admonishing anyone as who do you blame for a flood, if its going to rain cats and dogs you’d better be prepared to mop up the results and that was what we were left to do added though by the addition of Archie’s body seeming to take on more if the turmeric colouring that we thought was good for him. Though strictly speaking the turmeric coloured silt was more adhering to his body than anything else.

It was true that Archie was a womanising skinflint and it was truer that as a result of all that most people were not going to miss him, as they knew he’d be the last person to think of pissing on you if you were on fire. Archie ran his own disco where the music pulsated most of the night much to the horror of his neighbours.

Archie had made his money in the tobacco industry and loved noting more than a long afternoon on his veranda sucking on his favourite pipe.

But now the problem of who killed Archie had to be solved. The only clue was a rigid filament of lymph fluid found adhering to the tobacco in his pipe but was it enough everyone asked to lay the blame on any one person.

At first thought the police the state of entropy had to be quietened, rumours quashed and the rumourmongers admonished.

It became known as the great turmeric and silt murder. Its outcome governed by the fear of more filaments being discovered. All tobacco users were labelled suspects……


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/12/28/wordle-91december-28-2015/

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10 Responses to Wordle #91“December 28, 2015” – Archie

  1. It wasn’t me…despite the fag packet at my side. 😉

  2. clothespeggedpat says:

    Cleverly written with a slightly macabre and definitely bizarre twist – love it 🙂

  3. A mystery! What a great response to this difficult Wordle!

  4. The image of all that lymphatic fluid is going to haunt me Michael lol Gripping tale, I want to know what happened!

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