Writing Prompt #139 “The Magician” – The Dragon Trick


Image: Mark Stavish


It is serious business

Being a magician isn’t for the faint hearted.

Once more my hand goes into the hat

I feel around



The bloody rabbit’s gotten out again.

I sit down crestfallen

No matter how hard I try

No matter the hours of practice

I fail every time.

As it is the pigeons are declining in number

As I’ve either crushed or suffocated them up my sleeve.

My future looks bleak

My one aim to be good enough

Practiced enough to do the dragon trick

But no, everything spells failure…

Hmm spells maybe that’s what I should try

Couldn’t go any worse.

No, no no no…..

I want to do the dragon trick

I’ve seen it done

My teacher gave me a dragon’s egg to rehearse with

I should be able to crack the shell

Out pops the dragon.

No luck so far.

I’ve tried to look the part

The long flowing hair,

Magician robes

A headband with an eye on it

Flame torches to give authenticity

Though setting mum’s curtains on fire

A minor setback, her insurance will pay.

Now what was that incantation?

Oops I can’t say it here, magician’s etiquette.



Oh my goodness, back boy back

Ouch that is real fire……

Mum? MUM?…..


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/12/27/writing-prompt-139-the-magician/

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21 Responses to Writing Prompt #139 “The Magician” – The Dragon Trick

  1. Wonderful — starts so serious then gradually playful as I realized the “age” of the magician.
    Great ending!
    “I so enjoyed,” she smiled, “your magician’s tale.”

  2. Suzanne says:

    This one made me chuckle – very cleverly written and the ending is so unexpected. Well done

  3. Oh dear! The trial of a magician. I really enjoyed this!

  4. julespaige says:

    Reminds me very much of a celebrated young wizard who didn’t know he was one… and then turned out to be a very grand wizard indeed. Is there a big difference between magician and wizard? I’ve been watching some show called ‘Brain Games’
    You can google ‘Brain Games’ and there are snippets to watch.

    The mind is indeed the holder of much magic. Wonderful story. Thanks for stopping by my post on the prompt 🙂

  5. haha this is fantastic Michael =)

  6. mj6969 says:

    a sparkling and very amusing and tickles the child in all of us fancy of a write this! Love your perspective and play with this prompt 🙂 Great job Michael!

    • Thank you so much Pat, this was a fun prompt to write to….

      • mj6969 says:

        well your imagination certainly sparks me to new heights of curiosity 🙂

      • You have a question Pat? What is it that sparks your imagination?

      • mj6969 says:

        no question in particular – I just admire how you can see something in “anything” – and just run with it – wild and free – not to suggest thoughtless – no – but with the openness of mind that allows for all kinds of play – which is why I can bet my last pennies that you were one amazing drama teacher 😀

        sparking my imagination? well I’ve never been encouraged to allow the “weirdness of my imagination to fly” – it was tolerated, at best – quashed at most times – although I did give it careful “allowance” – but then shelved it for more “serious business” – so I am in awe and quiet pleasure and delight when I read and see people creating within a “no holds barred” fashion …
        that is all

      • In drama as in life I use the saying ‘let’s go with that and see what happens’…many a magical moment has come from feeling the freedom to explore an idea and see what happens..

      • mj6969 says:

        you are indeed very right in that thinking – it’s just a little hard for me … but I’m trying 😉
        and as long as I come across people like you Michael, who inspire me, it gives me encouragement to give it a whirl … 🙂

      • You are so kind Pat……as I say you never know where an idea might take you…..hope your day is going fine…..it’s raining here this morning…..a little wet from my walk…..😄😄

      • mj6969 says:

        LOL … quack quack quack 😉

        well winter is here – about 2 more inches of snow [and no, I’m not having a great day – terrible lower back pain – but I am doing my best to assuage, heal and keep myself busy creatively] and now – as the afternoon wears on – the deep freeze plummet is “on” – it will be damn cold here overnight into tomorrow -> – 21C with a windchill ergo feeling like -29C

        brrr … break out the extra woolly socks and blankets with a mug of hot chocolate 😉

        and I hope you’re day is/was lovely, albeit a bit wet … so enjoy 🙂

      • Is you pain anything that can be treated, cured, fixed? As for the cold I imagine that doesn’t help your state of mind either?

      • mj6969 says:

        roflmbo … state of mind? state of mind? what state of mind? 😉

        the back pain is relatively new – lumbar injury “crush” at the moment, which means, like all “good things” with me, it will, over time, develop into a herniated disk – *tsk tsk* – but it’s the arthritis lurking at the same spot, which completely through me for a total loop – never expected this – as for treatments – well at the moment – no one – no one – is taking my health issues “seriously” – so no follow up appointments with my “so-called” GP [total system overload & honestly, I don’t think she truly wants to “invest” in me] – no meds. other than “over the counter” [totally useless] and well … I am just doing the best I can with it – using natural foods and health products to try to at least take the edge off – which after a day like today …. means well, LOL – yes, honestly I *do* think this funny and better to laugh than be screaming in pain mad – I’m just doing the best I can.

        I suspect the “problem” with people “like me” – I was raised to work through the pain, to “get it done” – and not complain – so when I show up and say “there is something seriously wrong” – people have a hard time believing me – I’m the “go see her, she’ll get everything sorted right person … blah blah blah” … hell, almost 16 years ago when I got hurt on the job [now have 2 herniated disks in my neck] even my own bloody mother couldn’t and wouldn’t understand that this was a big deal – and that for better or worse – it would affect the rest of my life ….

        but enough of the boring facts … it is what it is … and at the moment, I’m doing the best I can – for myself – as usual. And well, I can either live with it – or die for it. And I’m choosing life.

        thanks for listening … and aren’t you sorry you asked?! 😉

  7. Do you take tumeric and or krill oil for the arthritis?
    Krill oil has worked for me, I did take tumeric for a while until I discovered it was high in potassium…
    So sorry you have such pain issues, your whole medical system is so different to ours…..do you have access to a pain clinic?

    I’m with you Pat in choosing life you are long time dead and very few if any come back from there……best wishes….stay warm…..

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