Writing Prompt #134 “Collage 11″ – Mona


Mona was an eccentric

Loved the attention it brought her

Outgoing she was in every way

With loud and ostentatious outfits

Her eye make up as heavy and as bright as possible

She was a character everyone knew.

Mona was an eccentric.


She was a great reader

The classics were her favourite

Alice in Wonderland she lost her self in

She wanted to be ageless like Dorian

So always made herself look young.

Her loud and flamboyant furnishings

Said: Mona was an eccentric.


Many thought Mona was mad

But she had been taught to follow her heart

To go where it led her

Not to hide her light under a bushel

She was out there, having her say

To all who’d listen and those you wouldn’t,

Mona was an eccentric.


She dreamed of ports exotic,

Visited Honduras and Mauritius

She journeyed down under to Australia

Fell in love when she saw a kangaroo

A platypus and a koala

They made her sojourn worthwhile

For: Mona was an eccentric.


When Mona passed it was with curiosity

They investigated the eccentric’s house

Her vast library, her menagerie

Wherein sat a colourful iguana

And hidden in thick underground the

Spider King holding court.

Everything: Like Mona was eccentric.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/writing-prompt-134-collage-11%E2%80%B3/

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34 Responses to Writing Prompt #134 “Collage 11″ – Mona

  1. The world would be a less vibrant place without the Mona’s of the world =)

  2. J Lapis says:

    Oh I LOVE this, Michael! I wondered for a moment, if she hadn’t been transformed after death into the iguana….

  3. not everyone can be a Mona, but it’s a dull place without her! fun write, Michael 🙂

  4. Monas make the drab, dull, dreary now seem exotic, colourful and fun. Wish I was more like Mona. I love her character and her gumption.
    Great tale weaving!
    Colour jumped to my mind — just looked at the collage two seconds before I read your post. Looking for some colour myself.

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  6. Mona sounds very much like someone I hold close to my heart. I liked this M.

  7. julespaige says:

    Now this was a fun read – even though Mona departed.
    That she could be free to light up a room and fall in love with unique things.

    I went mysterious with an addition my ‘Detective BeeBee’ collection:
    Courted by Camouflage; Hidden Agendas

  8. I aspire to be a Mona. Such vibrance. I love that spider’s hat.

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