SoCS Nov. 21/15 – to/too/two


This week’s prompt: to/too/two


I asked if I could come too, but I was told if I came that would make three and three was a crowd when you really only wanted to go with your girlfriend.

The two of them were always together, in the playground, classroom, the weekend and most of all at the movies.

That really narked me as I wanted so much to go and see the new James Bond movie but they said I’d get in the way, make them feel embarrassed I was there with them on my own.

It wasn’t my fault I was always on my own.

Every girl I asked looked at me as if I had the plague or something worse and made an excuse for not being available.

To bad I thought I’m an all right sort of guy.

Mum says so, says not to be discouraged that most of the girls in town cross the street when I walk down it, or run in the opposite direction if they see me in front of them.

The only date I ever had was with Kathy Wheeler to see Star Wars and she sat with her arms folded the entire time staring straight ahead even when there was nothing on the screen.

I tried to engage her in conversation, you know just slight chit chat but she just grunted a few times then said she couldn’t talk as she had a sore throat and was feeling as if she should go home there and then and the movie hadn’t even started and she’d barely begun eating her choc top.

It was discouraging to see her hurry down the aisle looking back to make sure, I am sure, that I wasn’t following her.

But I stayed and watched the movie and left just as the credits came on and the theatre was still dark to make my exit hoping no one would see me leaving alone.

One and one equals two my mum would say, you just need to be patient to find that other one to make you a two.

I pondered this and wondered if Kathy Wheeler was over her sore throat and worth asking again when she was feeling a bit healthier. After all she was one hot looking girl and she owed me a choc top.


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19 Responses to SoCS Nov. 21/15 – to/too/two

  1. J Lapis says:

    Well, I didn’t get much attention from the guys, so…it’s amazing I managed to get married, a serious mistake. I thank God I was always fine being alone, though when I was younger it just felt like I was “weird”.

  2. mandy says:

    Did you ever think she might not have liked Star Wars? That not even a choc top was worth all that? I’d be that way in action films-the Bruce Willis kind. I can get my own choc tops. 😀 That was really a fun read, Michael.

  3. Ah that was real cute and well written. I could see her hurrying out and looking back, but I’m also with Mandy ‘Star Wars’ – seriously? 😉

  4. fun read, Michael 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find your one so you could be two, too!

  5. Good story. A little sad but good.

  6. As sad as this story is when you get to the heart of it, it made me smile. It’s almost worth going to a movie alone just to see it and not hear any grumbling about it. LOL. When you’re with someone, it’s hard to find a movie that you both enjoy. But today, I’m planning to see the new James Bond film with the boyfriend and we are both far too excited about it. 😀

  7. I have gone to the movies alone on many an occasion. I hope you no longer feel solo in this great big world.

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