Music Friday Prompt #17: “Float” by Modest Mouse – Dark and Lonely Days


There was a crack in your voice

I have to go, step back

Care for me

But we will be ok.

Life will go on, float as it always does.

The pain was intense

I could see it in your eyes

Not just words that shed tears

But whole bodies devastated

Suddenly needing to know and understand

Everything is not always about us.

You have been ripped apart,

Repaired, sewn back together

Awoken and told you are alive

But the road back is littered with obstacles.

Be kind to yourself

Rest, know your limits, take baby steps

Its all about one day at a time.

Healing takes time

I wait on the sidelines

Desperate to be there

But kept away, I pace frantically

Awaiting news, any word that says

I am okay, I love you

I know this is hard

But I need to be strong

To know myself, what and who I am

Before reaching out to you.

Knowing you love me unconditionally

Provides me succour in this trying time.

And so I wait, I float in and out

Conscious moments give way to dreams

Where you cry my name

Clinging to one another

Against all who strive to tear us apart.

We hang in together

Finding ways to say those words

Of comfort, support, encouragement,

Enough to get us through

These dark and lonely days.


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24 Responses to Music Friday Prompt #17: “Float” by Modest Mouse – Dark and Lonely Days

  1. lovely piece of writing, Michael 🙂 everything’s gonna be OK, cheers!

  2. You will make it through these dark and lonely days. Unconditional love is magic. Pixie dust motes in the sunshine. And unconditional love places no boundaries, expectations, demands. It just is. When two people find each other, love each other unconditionally, then walls can crumble, mountains and oceans crossed, torn bodies made whole, wrecked lives repaired, any and all things made possible
    Wonderful writing — goes through me like a lightening bolt.
    Damn, you got me crying again. Without an Kleenex.

  3. J Lapis says:

    Wow wow wow, Michael–achingly good.

  4. Michael you wrote of a heart breaking, of not being able to be with the one they love….good things come to those who wait and I hope these loves unite and get there happy ever after.

  5. Very, very empowering and comforting!

  6. I love reading your responses to my humble music prompt 🙂 Thank you so much

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