poetry 101 rehab: – forward


My life was as detritus

Up was the only option

My days wallowing in the mire

Of a life that offered

Constant pain and misery

Had reached its lowest point.

I looked at my body

Wasted, scarred,

A mass of neglected bones.

In my mind echoed the call

From a loved one

One who didn’t pass in the night

As many did, critical and castigating

But rather lingered for a while

Held my hand

Offered succour.

She showed me a step forward

‘Its not so hard,’ she had said

‘One foot after another

One day at a time.’

But left to my own devices

I fell into bad habits

Took ravenously what I could

No thought of giving back.

So cast out, homeless,

Prospects zero

I drag my useless self up

Face the rising sun

Fight the urge to lie down,

I step into the light.

Forwards into who knows where

But better than back there.

Written for: http://andytownend.com/2015/08/17/poetry-101-rehab-forward/

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8 Responses to poetry 101 rehab: – forward

  1. Valida Faire says:

    Definitely better than back there–this was a hard one to read, as in painfully familiar.

  2. phlor says:

    That is the best way to approach life — one step forward even if hurt and alone.
    I cried through this one.

  3. mandy says:

    This is a tough read, Michael. So many can relate to feeling alone. To keep moving forward, even one step at a time, means you’ll find that light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, I suggest: Get a dog 😀 Or a cat, lizard…I really believe in the power of animals as healers. They help even the most destitute find a reason to keep moving forward.

  4. andy townend says:

    A challenging response, I like this line “Face the rising sun” being alone can be brutal, you convey the feeling well and good to see the hope shining through as the poem develops…

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