Fairy Tale March 27th 2015, a new world – The Mersade


This week’s task: Imagine that you have traveled to an all new world. What does this world look like, is there magic, is there religion or spirituality? What kind of creatures are living there? Are friendly or hostile? Just imagine that you have arrived there … and you can create your own world through say deep spiritual meditation or something?

I awoke to find my eyes did still open and more importantly still functioned.

Though what I saw around me made me wonder at first.

The transition to Mersade had been as painless as Collins had said despite my reservations at the time. But when your known world is facing oblivion you clutch at whatever straw is cast your way.

Mersade I was told was in another dimension and a safe if not different world. One in which Collins assured me I would be able to make my way.

As my eyes began to focus I was momentarily in awe of the vegetation and landscape before me.

Over the top of the immediate environment were the two lunar arcs towering above me in the sky that held a much darker blue to my earth.

I felt a touch on my arm. The tendril of a large tree was nudging my arm as if ascertaining my state of being. Another tendril descended and stroked my arm, another my face and soon I felt my entire body being embraced by these tendrils which caressed my body before wrapping themselves around me and lifting me into high up into the tree.

I thought this was not a safe sensation and feared the worst.

I was laid on a bed of leaves and as the tendrils unwound from me.

Breathing heavily, uncertainty does that to you, I looked around and discovered a small man sitting at the end of the leafy bed looking at me and platting vines.

I tired to sit up and found I couldn’t catch my breath so stayed down, my head I realised was not too keen on being lifted off its bed.

‘It takes a while to adjust,’ said the small man. ‘Be patient it will get easier.’

I was in no position to argue so lay there watching him go about his business. After a time another person appeared, this one was different and I assumed was female.

These people whom I saw were minute. Barely thirty centimetres in height, dressed in clothing that was obviously from the tree in which I was laying. The man had a flowing beard and hands that were very leathery in appearance.

The female spoke in a much higher register and wore similar clothes and had the brightest red hair combed up into a spike.

It was she who approached me with a small container and bid me to drink. Whatever it was it tasted terrible and I coughed and spluttered several times before getting it all down.

The effect was amazing. I felt better, stronger able to sit up without feeling nauseous.

The two small people stood back smiling at my successful recovery.

‘Welcome to Mersade,’ said the woman. “I am Mersdame, and this is Mersdai, we are the tree people and it’s our job to see you recovered before we take you to the king.

My immediate thoughts were on the tale of Gulliver in the land of Lilliput and my mind had to rid itself of that idea.

The old man looked at me and smiling said: ‘We are aware of Lilliput and Gulliver. The tale has been told here recently.’

The thought that they could tell what I was thinking bothered me straight away even though I knew I had nothing to hide.

‘We don’t fear you,’ said Mersdame.’ We see our ability to read your mind as an advantage to us. Should anything happen we can be one step in front of you.’

‘Collins said I would be safe here,’ I said beginning to wonder if in fact I was.

‘Oh you are, don’t worry we mean you no harm but you must understand Mersade has existed for many millennia and we are keen for it to continue and we see all outsiders as potential threats.’ replied Mersdai.

There was twinkle in their eyes that gave me a sense that they meant what they said.

We sat and chatted for some time before Mersdame suggested we descend to the ground and go and meet the King who was keen to make my acquaintance.

At the click of her fingers the tendrils appeared once again and wrapping themselves around me lifted me and took me to the forest floor.

The walk to the King’s palace was through a forest of unknown beauty, of flowers in bloom who followed our progress and of small furry animals each of which was more unique than the previous.

We arrived in the town of the King, a place of thriving commerce and non-stop activity.

At the Palace we halted in front of an imposing castle. Seated on a throne at the front of the Palace was Collins.

‘King Collins,’ announced Mersdai bowing before the King.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/fairy-tale-march-27th-2015-a-new-world/

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12 Responses to Fairy Tale March 27th 2015, a new world – The Mersade

  1. Awesome story i like the comparison with Gulliver … and what a beautiful, loving world you have traveled to … thank you for letting us be part of your experience … chapeau!

  2. How beautiful and enchanting this is Michael!

  3. phylor says:

    So, was Collins an earthling who was made king (Gulliver’s Travels story teller?) or a Mersadian who grew bigger enough to be an earthling? Had he been on a recruiting expedition, suggesting Mersade to particular individuals?
    I know, too early in my morning, to be commenting and asking questions.

  4. Lyn says:

    What a delightful story, Michael. I bet it was a shock to see that Collins was king. I really like the Mersadians – and what great names you have given them. I’d like to read more about them, there’s a lot more story to be told 🙂

  5. julespaige says:

    This also reminds me of ‘The Man Who Would Be King’ , but I certainly hope it has a better outcome. Wouldn’t want to see the new fellow tossed out with a bag containing the king’s head.

    You always have delightful twists. And whet our appetites for more…

  6. Hmm, has the feel of a silken trap. I wonder if they will all tell Collins his every thought. Can one be punished on that world simply for thinking something?

  7. How I enjoyed this. At first I wondered with the tree hugging you all over and all (laughs) but it was truly a lovely story. Gulliver’s Travels is one of my fav stories as well.

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