Tale Weaver Prompt #6: Ghosts in the Photographs – Helton Sparrowlike


This week’s challenge is to weave a tale based on the following: You are scrolling through your latest collection of selfies, and you notice something strange with one of them. Something not visible/there when you took the picture.

Dear Loz,

Thanks so much for the birthday gift. You have given me my first ever smartphone and once I discovered where the on/off switch was I have a great time today playing with it, exploring all the bells and whistles that such a device has.

I am surprised by the resolution the camera has and I have had such fun taking photos left right and centre.

I have discovered the selfie setting and tried that out too, even though I would normally shy away from any sort of self-promotion.

But looking back through the photos I took I discovered a snap, which has surprised me.

I was trying out the camera against the front room curtains, which in the afternoons as you can tell gets a lot of direct sunlight.

On studying the photo I couldn’t help but notice the face in the bottom left corner. Now as you know I live in a rather remarkable place. Its good that I have a thorough knowledge of the workings of my yard for as you know I have a large colony of fairies living in various parts of my garden.

I know who the face is but I am surprised he came into the house and allowed himself to be caught by the camera. They are as you know shy creatures and always, so I thought, stayed in their own space.

The face belongs to the curious Helton Sparrowlike who is one of the bird’s nest fairies who are I must say are the gamest of all fairies and the one adventurous enough to stick his nose round my front door.

I did go out to ask why he had ventured inside only to get the usual curt response one expects from a bird’s nest fairy. ‘Because he could and because he was curious about me and what I had been doing all day with my new silver rectangle thing.’

So Loz I think I have one of the few photos ever taken of a real fairy. I think people would be amazed as how different they appear from what the stereotypical image is of them. They have always giggled at the images I have shown them in fairy tale books.

Of course I will show no one apart from you and I would appreciate your discretion as well. If word got out about them I would hate to think what might happen to them, my yard and to me for that matter.

I hope you are well and Harry is recovering after accidentally treading in the snake pit. The snakes are recovering from the shock of Harry’s size eleven boot landing on them. The snake fairies usually the most unpleasant and reserved fairies have accepted your apologies and wish you well noting that had the snake trod on you they would have expected a violent response similar to the one Harry received.

I look forward to hearing again from you very soon as I go off and play some more with your very generous gift.

Love and best wishes


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/tale-weaver-prompt-6-ghosts-in-the-photographs-3/

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15 Responses to Tale Weaver Prompt #6: Ghosts in the Photographs – Helton Sparrowlike

  1. Hmm Helton looks quite familiar 😉 good you and Loz are on such good terms, she must think nightly of you to buy new a new phone..have fun with the selfies 😉

  2. phylor says:

    I knew, given the number of fairies in your garden, sooner or later, one would end up being caught on camera!
    Hope you had as much fun as Helton did writing this letter. 🙂

  3. milliethom says:

    What a lucky person you are to have a ‘real-life’ fairy visit you like that! And so many more in your garden – snake fairies, too. My, my, things must be great fun around your home. I assume your fairies don’t take well to visitors, though, so it’s a good job you can discuss things with Loz. Wonderful letter, Michael – very amusing. 🙂

  4. Your yard is a place of wonders Michael! And here you have caught one of your fairies on film! Amazing =)

  5. Lyn says:

    Our garden is so overgrown at the moment, no self respecting fairy would set foot in it. The cucumber plant needs ripping out as it’s starting to send its tendrils through the fly screen of my kitchen window.

    • You know I have a fairy for that Lyn, the tendril eating fairy is particularly partial to cucumber of all things…..he’s a bit of nuisance when I grow sweet potato.

      • Lyn says:

        Yes, the sweet potato seems to spread, doesn’t it. My daughter planted two shooting sweet potatoes in an old bathtub, but it’s taken over half the deck as well. Let’s hope the tendril fairy doesn’t take a liking to Sweet-pea tendrils too. 🙂

  6. RoSy says:

    Oh goodness – LOVE this story!
    And – LOVE your selfie! 😀

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