Lighthouse in a Bottle – Photo Prompt #41 – December 30, 2014 – Jagged Memories.


Image: Byron Bay Lighthouse Laurie Smith

Jagged memories are what I have

My life a series of non-events.

Holidays spent on sublime coastlines

Beaches with beckoning vistas

Seductive moments when eyes met eyes

The possibility of the impossible.

When far from home

Anything seemed plausible.

The girl from the country

Who sat herself down beside me

Played coyly in the sand at my feet

Who hung on my words

Later we wrote letters back and forth

And then nothing.

Each holiday bought its own adventure

My heart won by the girl who stripped naked

Whose breasts called to me

And foolishly I answered

To be rebuffed, ridiculed,

Immaturity they said is such a curse.

Recollections fade over time

The fishing trips, the escape with mates

One Mile Beach in a caravan

Mates together, idle days

Two girls from the city

Like us seeking playtime

But out of my depth

My fumbling speech and action going nowhere.

To the girl who one night lay beside me

We engaged in conversation

Later to find she was disappointed

Nothing happened.

I repeated that many times I fear

On holidays now washed clean with time.

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19 Responses to Lighthouse in a Bottle – Photo Prompt #41 – December 30, 2014 – Jagged Memories.

  1. The experiences and memories we hold, be we young or old, can leave lasting impressions. Recollections sometimes don’t fade as much we would like. 😊

  2. phylor says:

    No wonder your memories are jagged — the “awkward years” are just so awkward!
    Felt the embarrassment, (and perhaps the blush?).
    Like the line: On holidays now washed clean with time.

  3. Having read your comment to Jenny I can attest to the embarrassing memories hanging on tenaciously I have plenty of socially awkward moments to recount. Very vivid writing Michael I honestly felt I was right there.

  4. susancfl says:

    Really liked your poem. This took me back to my late teen years, not traveling but awkward moments none the less. Thanks for taking me back to those memories. Susan

  5. What a touching post, Michael. Why is it we remember only the awkward, painful moments? I guess it is like the 10 compliments you hear in a week and only remember that ONE negative comment. Your post made me think back of so many faux pas and lack of confidence…thank you for sharing this, Michael.

  6. gunnarraven says:

    Beautifully written. To be honest, none of the sparks of love I felt ever amounted to anything. Which is one of the reasons why I find comfort in writing.

    • Thanks for your comment. My apologies for the delay but I found your comment in my spam. Have corrected the error, well I hope I have.
      Writing is a great comfort because it can take you places you might not consider going to in reality.

  7. That’s a beautiful poem, although hard to read in remembering my own awkward points. Regret can be strong with wasted opportunities. But that’s what the future is for. 🙂 Happy New Year.

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