Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #53 – Clomper


Image: c.1925 boy rolling in invalid cart

I remember waking up and realising my legs were swathed in bandages. I had been told before the operation to expect my legs to be wrapped up as they were.

I was born with clubfeet and the operation was designed to straighten me out as my mother had said to me before the lights went out and I awoke to a new me.

Having clubfeet meant my mobility was severely limited. I walked in an ungainly way.

At school kids called me Clomper. I wondered as I looked down on my now straightened feet if that name might disappear. I hoped it might, as it was the source of so much ridicule and embarrassment.

Whatever was next in store for me had to be an improvement on my immediate past. I crossed my fingers as I saw the doctor come into the room.

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2 Responses to Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #53 – Clomper

  1. My fingers were crossed for him, nice story with hopefully a nice outcome.

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